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Shape Your Future through Art

May, 2018
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With her aim to become a fashion designer, Samantha Li feels very lucky that she chose to study at the Aidi International High School of Art & Design last summer.
“Many of the resources provided here were really new to me,” the 17-year-old recalls, “What came first, for example, was the circular setup of the classroom [...]

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A Lesson Story Competition Group IV (16-18 yrs) Winners List

April, 2018
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LittleStar CISB Short Story Competition “A LESSON”
1st Prize Winner
Mrs. Loser by Tina Sang_16_Western Academy of Beijing
2nd Prize Winners

A Mother’s Melody by Micah Rice_16_Xi’an Hanova International School
Black and White and Color by Carlos Lao_16_Shanghai American School
3rd Prize Winners
Counting by Kamilah Wong_17_Shanghai Community International School
Go by Claire Lu_Shanghai American School_Pudong Campus
A Lesson For The [...]

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The Art of Art Education

January, 2018
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The great success of the LittleStar BWYA Environmental Postcard Design Competition in 2017 has once again showcased the incredible artistic talents of nearly 1,000 students from 24 international schools across China who participated with beautiful and creative postcard designs based on the theme “A Green Future.”
The competition was jointly hosted by LittleStar Magazine and Beijing [...]

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Winners List - LittleStar BWYA Environmental Postcard Design Competition ‘A GREEN FUTURE’

November, 2017
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           Congratulations to Winners in LittleStar BWYA Environmental Postcard Design Competition 
Group I (6 Years & Under)
1st Prize Winner
Tiffany Zhao, 5 years old, Etonkids International Bilingual Kindergarten
2nd Prize Winners
Mickey Mi, 4 years and 10 months old, Beijing [...]

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Aidi Launches High School of Art & Design

September, 2017
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Aidi Students Construct Handmade 3D Periodic Table

September, 2017
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Aidi School Hosts Children’s Day Carnival

July, 2017
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Congratulations to Aidi HS Graduate Li Zherui

June, 2017
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Li Zherui, High School graduate of Aidi School, will go to Melbourne University next year to study Actuarial Science in its business school. 
After all these years I spent in Aidi, the very first word I am looking for is “excitement.” The idea of ‘becoming a college student’ is, actually, quite intriguing and even reassuring. [...]

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Congratulations to Aidi HS Graduate Fu Kunrou

June, 2017
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Fu Kunrou, High School graduate of Aidi School, is going to Imperial College London to study material engineering.  
I have a sense of accomplishment, and feel slightly wistful as well.
Looking back to the time that I first entered Aidi School, the totally different teaching method shocked me. I felt kind of perplexed but shortly [...]

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Opening of the New Music Hall Donated by Aidi School

June, 2017
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Aidi School Celebrates the 5th π Day

May, 2017
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Aidi Students Reaches New Heights in WACE Examination

May, 2017
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Aidi School International Education Exhibition A Great Success

May, 2017
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