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3e International Appoints New Principal

September, 2010
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Beijing Summer Camps 2010

April, 2010
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AEA/US Embassy Summer Camp at Beijing City International School

Dates: June 14 through August 6
The AEA/US Embassy Facilitated & BCIS hosted Summer Camp 2010 is open to English speaking children ages 4 to 13 years old. Programs include sports, arts, culture, weekly field-trip and lots, lots more [...]

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Summer School at 3e International

April, 2010
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Dates: June 21 to July 16
At 3e summer school, children will spend 4 weeks exploring English and Mandarin through hands-on experiential learning and investigation in an interactive bilingual environment, discovering the world both inside and outside of the classroom. Applicants must sign up for the full four weeks. RMB500 application fee is applicable.
Ages: 2 to [...]

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Practicing Literacy at Home: The Best Methods

April, 2010
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You have probably heard the saying, “Parents are a child’s first and most important teacher.” It is certainly true and worth remembering. You will continue to be important in guiding your children’s development, even while striving to build their independence and ability to care for themselves.

When children are very young, parents play an especially critical role [...]

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Music Day at 3e International

March, 2010
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Families around the World at 3e International

September, 2009
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The Role of Play in Early Education

June, 2009
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Holding a small twig in his hand, two and a half year old Sean Crawford pokes continuously at a tree trunk, concentrating on the sound that the twig makes with the hard surface. “What are you doing?” asks a companion.
"I’m poking at the tree with a stick!” replies Sean matter-of-factly, keeping his eye on the [...]

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Popular Author Visits 3e International

March, 2009
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Family Around the World event at 3e International

November, 2008
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3e International Kindergarten Launches Unique Bilingual Elementary Program

April, 2008
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Celebrating the Chinese New Year of the Rat at 3e International

February, 2008
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3e Welcomes New Principal

September, 2007
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“My name is Nadia Perez, and I am the principal of 3eik,” said the young principal with a smile on her face. “My husband and I are excited to be living in Beijing and looking forward to supporting the growth of 3eik.”

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