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Red Star in the Sky (3rd Prize - 13-15 years)

March, 2013
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Red Star in the Sky

1st December 101

Hello, my name is Young Jung and I am currently writing this diary…before I move onto anything else I’ll have to explain our date system. In North Korea we do not follow the Gregorian calendar, instead our calendar started from the birth of our Eternal President, Kim Il-Sung, who was born on the 15th April 1912. His glorious birth ushered a new era in global politics, according to our history teacher, and thus this is the reason why we are in the year 101 instead of 2012.

Anyway I am a 14 year old North Korean girl living in sub-urban Pyongyang, which is said to be the most gorgeous city in East Asia, according to our geography teacher. He is very much correct as our capital city is very beautiful, we are currently building a fabulous new hotel called the Ryugyong in Pyongyang, which is going to be run by Kempinski! This enormous feat just makes me wonder how impoverished the poor South Koreans are…from what I’ve heard from Voice of Korea, our official news source, Seoul is among the poorest cities in all of Asia with mass starvation occurring everyday! I truly pity the poor South Korean people, and sincerely hope that we can one day liberate them, like in our attempt during the Fatherland Liberation War, in which we attempted to liberate all of South Korea. It’s a shame that the American imperialists stopped us but…as Kim Il-Sung once said, ”The oppressed peoples can liberate themselves only through struggle. This is a simple and clear truth confirmed by history.”  

Anyway about my personal life, I am originally of Manchu descent (they are a northern Asian ethnic race located in north-eastern China). This doesn’t really matter so much as many northern Koreans are also Manchu but I am interested that I may have family outside of my country. I have never been outside of North Korea…and despite what I hear about how impoverished all other countries are, I am curious about the world itself. I live in a two roomed appartement with my father, mother and two older sisters. My father is a hydraulic engineer, and indeed he has helped build the Nampo Dam, which closes the Taedong River off the Yellow Sea. This dam has helped so many families from flooding, and it is all thanks to the government’s policy of caring for us! This policy is called Juche, which means self-reliance in Korean. Anyway continuing on with my family…my mother is a housewife but she actively takes part in a grassroots women’s group. She helps out women achieve equality throughout the nation, as sadly Korea historically is rather biased against women. Meanwhile my sisters are already grown up and have joined the army.

After writing this much I think I’ve missed out an important fact…about why I am writing this diary in the first place. Well I have started to write this diary due to being prompted by my father. He told me a few days ago that our country would become very powerful soon, and that I should publish this diary recording our nation’s glorious progress! So here I am writing this now and the timing couldn’t be better! Today the Korean Central News Agency announced that we will be launching our first satellite into space! This is a massive feat in not only Korea’s history but in the history of communism! Although traitors managed to tear down the Soviet Union and managed to oppress Eastern Europe by ridding them of their communist governments, we have now proven the world that communism equates to better technology! While the American people are struggling with domestic problems such as obesity and illegal immigration, which is all because of the failure of capitalism, we are about to launch a great pillar of metal into space carrying the  Kwangmyongsong-3, the pride and joy of the North Korean people…

That’s about it for today, I’ll try carrying on writing tomorrow!

5th December 101

I haven’t been able to write in this diary the past few days due to an unexpected mass wartime drill. I must say that I was pretty scared…only a few hours after the news channel announced the planned satellite launch, the imperialists condemned our actions and threatened to attack us with nuclear weapons! We had to hide in the bomb shelters for most of the time…when we were outside we would have to join military drills in which we performed techniques and maneuverers for the sake of homeland security. In North Korea men and women are equal, and thus we all fight for our homeland and our Leader no matter what age of gender we are! However it seems that the imperialists are cowards…every time they threaten to attack us, the excellent diplomatic skills of our Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-Un, manage to achieve peace! I doubt the American propaganda broadcasting station, I think its name is CNN, bothered to document our peace processes.

Anyway I’m glad that this war scare is finally over…now that the imperialists have backed down we can proceed with our peaceful satellite launch. Talking about the launch, it has been drawn to my attention that earlier this year another satellite launch occurred, which coincided with the birthday of the Eternal President. However about a minute after liftoff, it seemed to simply break apart…I don’t know what caused it but I have a hunch that the imperialists had something to do with it. Surely our superior technology would not fail at a time like that! My father told me after the satellite launch failure that the imperialists had managed to shoot it down with a laser…which scares me very much. The imperialists no pity or compassion to anyone…even their own people. In the year 90, they crashed their own aircraft into the Twin Towers in order to invade a neutral country, Afghanistan. Then they brutally invaded Iraq in the year 92, without any solid reason whatsoever! My history teacher rightfully says that the American military cannot live through peace…it must always invade other countries.

I just wished the world could be more like North Korea…then we could all live equally and peacefully under communism…

My mother’s calling me…I think she wants me to accompany her shopping. Due to food shortages, no doubt caused by the imperialists sinking our transport vessels, I’ve always had to queue with my mother in order to make sure that we get enough food so that we don’t starve.

7th December 101 

The satellite launch draws near! I myself don’t know when the liftoff will take place but I think that it will coincide with the death of the Dear Leader, which was on the 17th December. With that being said, I still have doubts as to whether it will be successful or not…what if the imperialists shot it down again? We have put so much effort in creating the satellite and the rocket…that it would be such a tragedy if such a beautiful beacon of hard work would be torn down. Nonetheless I have always believed in the people, and I know that the even the imperialists won’t be able to stop us this time!

Anyway today in my global studies class I learned something very interesting…it was about the fact that the imperialists don’t seem to care about innocent lives. As I am writing this, there are hundreds of people in Syria being massacred but the imperialists are doing nothing! I’m sure that out government would help these innocent Syrians in their pursuit for survival, let alone freedom, but the imperialists obviously want to stop us. I strongly believe that they are watching these innocent people get murdered on their propaganda news channels! This is not right at all…from birth we North Koreans are taught that we should always serve the people in whatever way that we can! I want to become a doctor when I grow up, so that I can help the ill and the injured. By doing this, I will be able to take away some pressure off the government…as they are simply doing too much for us, unlike the imperialists. Believe it or not but in the United States one is literally ”on the streets” if they can’t find a job, that’s outrageous! The Juche policy states that we should all help each other, no matter how rich or poor we are!

I’m going to have to do my homework now…that’s what I get for leaving it to the last day. It’s an essay about the background of the Fatherland Liberation War. From what I was taught, it was the South Koreans, with the blessing of the imperialists, who invaded us. However with the great strength of the people we were barely able to push the South Koreans back. I truly believe that the South Korean government is mental…how can they trust the imperialists who oppress them under capitalism!

10th December 101

There have been rumors that the satellite launch will take place tomorrow…I heard this from some of my friends at school. I’m not sure whether this is true but I will keep my eyes glued to the new television the government kindly gave to us until the liftoff. When it lifts off, my heart will be overjoyed in such ways that even words or pictures cannot describe. I really wonder how it will take place…will it be accompanied by fireworks? Will the flames be in the colors of our flag? Oh, I just wished I could be at the launch site. Unfortunately the site is off limits to civilians, as the rocket technology itself is top secret. Who knows how many spies the imperialists have managed to infiltrate into North Korea in order to acquire our superior technology?

Anyway I’ll have to cut this entry short, today me and my parents are going to visit the Juche tower. It’s an extraordinary site and I can’t wait to see it!

11th December 101

Today was the best day of my life…the very best! Just before 10 in the morning I watched the rocket fly straight into the heavens, cutting through the sky like a thunderbolt! I then joined in with the mass celebrations going on in Pyongyang. Anyway a documentary has been released called the "Successful Launch of Kwangmyongsong 3-2 under the Leadership of Dear Respected Marshal Kim Jong-Un". Since my birthday is in a week’s time, I’m going to ask my parents to buy it for me…it would be the best present ever!

I am so glad to live in such a grand nation! I hope that North Korea will encounter more peace and prosperity in the years to come! Long live the Supreme Leader!


Author’s note and reflection:

Young Jung is a fictional character, but represents the masses who believe in a dream  that the North Korean government creates. The launch of the Kwangmyongsong-3 satellite via the Unha-3 carrier rocket is true. However all the things Young talks about North Korea are fabricated by the government in the form of propaganda. It is children such as Young who are subjected to this form of propaganda in their daily lives, and they live through them. The dream Young lives through is only a diversion from the very truth of the fabrications of the North Korean regime. She obviously is not aware of the mass starvation taking place, nor the North Korean death camps, nor the massive amount of summary executions perpetrated by the regime.

North Korea remains the world’s most isolated and oppressed country. Its very foundations and laws rest on the fear, fanaticism and even deism of the oppressive tyrants who rule the country. The North Korean people themselves are innocent in their actions, this innocence is highlighted in the way Young was brought up and brainwashed, but their government is the main villain. 

We should all be aware of these facts, and we should hopethat one day Young wakes up from this dream, and apprehends the truth.


By Lawrence Greco

The British School of Beijing


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    April 7th, 2013 at 23:19 | #1

    Ahhh my story!

    I actually want to write more about Young Jung and her life, as well as all the other aspects of North Korean society. After my exams are out of the way, I think I’ll write more about Young Jung…

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