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Reading at the Heart of Britannica

May, 2018
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0j7a7845Reading is at the heart of education. And reading is at the heart of Britannica International School, Shanghai. The school has always recognized the importance of promoting it and creating a school of avid readers. Therefore, Book Week was introduced to give the whole school community an opportunity to share and celebrate the love of reading and highlight how important it is to learning.

During 12 to 16 March, the annual Book Week was held at Britannica International School, Shanghai, with the theme of Fairy Tales and Fantasy. One of the highlights was the classroom door decorating competition. Some classes have completely transformed their classrooms, doors and even corridor areas. There were also some fantastic activities organized, involving children from different year groups working together, which was really great to see.

The school was abuzz with a variety of activities centered around reading and the theme of Fairy Tales and Fantasy. The week began with special Book Week assemblies for all pupils. Teachers from across the school had organized special activities for different year groups, including potion making for Years 7 and 8, a special activity exploring the history of fairy tales for Years 5 and 6, a very entertaining performance for the Key Stage 1 pupils performed by Year 7, and a whole selection of engaging activities for mixed Key Stage 2 classes. There was a Book Fair from Tuesday until Friday, which was loved by the students and parents. At any point throughout the week an alarm could go off to signal that everyone must ’stop, drop and read’ for 10 minutes.

During Book Week, the teachers of different classes or Year levels worked together to provide children with lots of reading opportunities. This was highlighted in Key Stage 2, where they organized a rotation of four activities and created mixed groups from Years 3 to 6. This was really successful and the children were engaged, working together on different tasks and helping each other to learn and explore various activities. In Secondary School, some year groups were merged together to complete different activities. For example, Years 9 to 13 spent an afternoon together exploring fairy tales and media. This was great to see students working with different year groups and exploring a different area of the curriculum.

0j7a7953At the end of the week, parents were invited in for a Book Week showcase assembly, where prizes were given for the many different competitions and where parents also had an opportunity to visit their children’s classrooms to read with students and see some of the fantastic work that had been taking place throughout the week. It really was a packed week that the students, teachers and parents really enjoyed.

Typically of Britannica events it also enabled the whole school community to come together; students across phases, parents and teachers and it is these kinds of events that helps make us special,” said Principal Goodwin.

“Reading is such an important and integral part of our school community and to learning, that we promote it constantly throughout the school year. We will continue to build our book stocks in the libraries, ensuring that children have access to a wide range of reading material, along with developing out pupil librarian roles. Our school council will be able to voice their thoughts and feelings about how they would like to see more reading activities in the school and I’m looking forward to hearing what ideas the children will come up with. We are always looking at ways to bring our school community together and reading is such an important skill to focus on,” says Shaun Couchman, Head of English Faculty, also the main organizer of the Book Week.


BY XING YANGJIAN, LittleStar Magazine 

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