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Pao School Teams Up with Eton College Director of Music

August, 2015
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yk-pao-3e68b89e5b094e5a4abe383bbe5a5a5e4bc8de5beb7e58588e7949fe4bab2e887aae4b8bae5908ce5ada6e4bbace68e88e8afbeThis summer, YK Pao School welcomed former Eton College Director of Music Ralph Allwood, Lambrook School Head of Performing Arts Martyn Ford and their team of choral instructors, who brought a fantastic choral course and an unforgettable experience for the Pao School students.

The Ralph Allwood Choral Course, which ran from 27 July to 2 August, marked the first time that Ralph and his team have brought their renowned choral program to China. This was a fantastic opportunity for Pao School to work with some of the UK’s finest musical educators.

As Headmaster Wu said in his welcome speech: "There may be boundaries when it comes to language, but not with music. Rather, music breaks down such barriers, giving us a greater perspective. This choral course will enhance our children’s artistic abilities and realize Pao School’s mission of cultivating first-class talent."

Allwood and his team were joined by Pao School’s experienced music teachers, who provided support and guidance for the students during rehearsals and extracurricular activities.

The Ralph Allwood Choral Course, specially designed by Allwood and his team for students aged 8 to 15, included the study of four-part harmony and soprano-range repertoire and culminated in a highly-anticipated concert that featured music from one large work (this year being sections from Fauré’s Requiem) and several light musical works from a range of genres.

As is common practice on the courses in the UK, teachers gave brief daily vocal performances to students after lunch, and a variety of fun activities were arranged for students during classes and every afternoon, which enhanced students’ interest and enjoyment in their studies.

Ralph Allwood believes musical education should foster enthusiasm in students. Putting aside geographical and cultural differences, enthusiasm is what set students apart from each other: "This was the first time I launched my choral course in Shanghai. Students not only learned vocal techniques and musical works, but also had fun with games and sports activities that encouraged exploration and discovery."


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