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No Rules Apply (2nd Prize, Category 2)

April, 2014
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December 7, 1941

The sky is limitless. It stretches on forever, reaching into the depths of the universe where no man has ever tread. Here on Molokai, one of the eight main Hawaiian Islands, I can watch the sky change its moods. Right now, the sky looks peaceful; the fluffy white clouds look stunning against the gorgeous blue sky.

“Hello Mr. Sky,” I say.

Most of the time I have only the sky to talk to during the lonely hours in the fields tending to the crops. The sky has always been there for me, unlike the people who sneer at me and call me a Jap.

The roar of engines makes me look up from my work. A swarm of planes emerge from the clouds above, disturbing their peace. I can tell by their dense amount that they aren’t airline planes, though; I don’t know what they are. But I have a feeling they are bad news.

A dark thought comes to mind. I want to dismiss it but it sticks in my head like glue. Yesterday, when I went with my father to town to sell crops, I heard words that filled me with fear.

When my father parked the truck and started selling our crops, I went for a short walk in town when I came across a group of men talking amongst themselves.

“Those Japanese are nothing but bad news. And we shouldn’t be trustful of the Japanese Americans either, I heard they’re just spies,” said a man.

“The government would do good locking them all up. Would be better for everyone for sure!” said another.

The rest of the group muttered in agreement.  And their words have been living in my head ever since I heard them. I realized if the friendly people here think that, then the thought must be living in abundant numbers on the mainland. And if the government does think that we’re just spies, they probably will lock us up.

 Boom! Boom! Boom! 

The loud explosions pull me back to reality, and I stare at the smoke sprouting from a neighboring island; the thick columns of dark smoke rise into the sky. As the smoke rises, it consumes a large portion of the sky with an evil grin.

For a while, I stare up at the villainous mess that was once a beautiful sky, my beautiful sky. I remember how breathtaking it looked when I saw it earlier that morning, it was filled with the gorgeous colors of sunrise. The happy smiles of orange, red, and yellow, the innocence of white, the playfulness of pink. But now it looks purely evil. The smoke has turned the sky black, and it is filled with the hate and fear that seeps out from the enemy planes that hang in the air above.

I know the US has been on the edge of war. And now the blasts of the bombs must surely have pushed us into that terrible place.

Suddenly, horrible thoughts of war crowd in my head. But now they aren’t just thoughts and nightmares as they were before, now, because of this one day, they are reality. My little mind can’t grasp the gruesome truth of what my country is facing.

“This is a war. This is when no rules apply,” I whisper to only myself now; the sky may not be there for me in a while. The sky is limitless. It stretches on forever, but I don’t know what the future will hold. 


By Kristen Lee, 

12 years, Shanghai American School Pudong


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