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New Principal with Solid Commitment

October, 2005
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Christopher Reed He’s a natural. Christopher Reed has only been living on the campus of the Australian International School of Beijing for two and a half months now, but the new principal already plays football with his students from time to time.

  In a teaching career spanning 30 years, over 17 of them as a teacher and 13 as a principal, this is actually his first posting outside of Australia.

  The Australian International School of Beijing (AISB) was actually one of many international schools he was considering from England to Hong Kong, but he was most excited about Beijing and the 2008 Olympics.

  “I really enjoy Beijing, and you really start to get a feel for how large it is when you drive here. It is easy to get lost sometimes, but Beijing is a very safe place. I love the beautiful food, Sichuan food especially, and it’s very affordable. I have even started to learn some basic Chinese.”

  Teaching was always Christopher’s profession of choice, and he has never regretted it.

  “I have always been interested in children, and I always wanted to be a teacher.”

  He has taught different subjects, such as science, math, English and physical education, in Australian primary schools and high schools.

  “I’ve also written science books that were published in Australia.”

  Christopher positions AISB as an emerging school. His mid-range goal is to build it into a force to be reckoned with among international schools, with quality education, facilities, service and a solid reputation. The long-term goal is to increase enrolment to 500 students and operate smoothly within the international community.

  “My school is very new, in the 2nd year of operation. I feel privileged to be here and perhaps help shape the direction of quality education. These are challenging things, of course, but we have a very firm vision to provide quality and student-centered education.”

  Christopher has brought some changes to the school. New desks, chairs, and computers were purchased for the classrooms, and a brand new Western canteen will be completed within a couple of weeks. New teachers are coming from Australia in October, and Christopher plans to develop all facilities over the next few years.

  “My schedule is very hectic. I am generally in the office at seven in the morning, sometimes seven days a week. From admissions to teaching and learning to developing facilities and paying staff, there is always something to do. It very much feels like we’re pioneers to some extent.”

  Christopher was also a psychologist for four years, which put him in a position to assist students, staff and parents with various issues.

  “This has helped enormously in my work. It gives me an understanding of children’s needs and how to care for them, as well as how to work with my staff.”

  A typical Australian, Christopher insists that international schools run a similar curriculum as Australian schools, so Aussie teachers are fitting in easily.

  “I feel very comfortable and happy here, and I think I really need at least five years to work on a project like this.”


By Xing Yangjian

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