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MSS Volunteers Returned Home in Triumph from Their First Zunyi Trip

May, 2017
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Montessori School of Shanghai (MSS) families and staff representatives successfully completed a three-day charity trip as volunteers to visit Meitan County and Zheng’an County in Zunyi City from 8 -10 April 2017. This charity trip is a demonstration of the Shuyi Special Fund commitment to support public welfare and combat poverty in central and western China, which was organized by MSS under the Zion Group, the Shanghai Overseas Chinese Foundation, the Zunyi Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese and the Population Welfare Foundation.

mss-charity-news-1One year ago, the Shuyi Special Fund was established under the Shanghai Overseas Chinese Foundation and joined the charity program to help students in Guizhou Province, together with the Shanghai Overseas Chinese Foundation and Zunyi Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese Foundation. Some 80 students with excellent performance in study but living in poverty were selected and benefited from this program. As part of the trip, MSS volunteers met students from this program to discuss the theme of dreams, so as to encourage them to be well prepared for the upcoming enrollment examination and the opportunities in their life.

Located in Liudu Town of Zheng’an County in Zunyi City, Heping School became the latest beneficiary from Shuyi Special Fund. The school was built in 1938, and its library facilities and books are outdated and cannot meet the requests from all the students aged 4 to 12. The Shuyi Special Fund purchased suitable materials and books based on local requirements and organized MSS volunteers to work together to set up the Shuyi Reading Bar during the trip.

mss-charity-news-2On 10 April, more than 200 students and teachers from Heping School attended the unveiling ceremony of the Shuyi Reading Bar, together with MSS volunteers, local partners and local education bureau officers. It was followed by a meeting between MSS teachers and local teachers regarding to how to inspire children’s interest in reading. The local teachers expressed their willingness to apply these methods into their education locally so as to benefit the local students. The successful implementation of the project was based on the support from Zunyi Federation of Overseas Returned Chinese, Zheng’an County United Front Work Department, and Zheng’an Education Bureau.

The MSS volunteer group consisted of faculty representatives and MSS families, including five MSS students who were engaged in the whole event, such as the reading bar setup and local family visits. Some other MSS families, who were not able to make this trip, contributed their support and love by encouraging their children in an MSS Read-a-thon too.

After the trip, MSS volunteers expressed that they were very pleased to participate in this charity trip by Shuyi Special Fund and MSS. The family volunteers are honored that their children can study in such a school with a sense of warmth and responsibility. They hope their children can learn, experience and understand love through participating in these kind of events for a good cause. 


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