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Movies – Spet 2008

September, 2008
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The name of this film, Igor, has over the years become synonymous with hilarious mad-scientist themes a la Frankenstein, and in this comedic animation, much fun is being poked at a whole bunch of horror genre standards. The main namesake hero is a lab assistant working with a typical mad monster-maker, but he’s not content with being a lackey and yearns to make it on his own. Although decidedly tongue in cheek, Igor is nonetheless a good exercise in examining good vs. evil, and we highly recommend it for the kids.

Director: Anthony Leondis
Starring: John Cusack, Steve Buscemi, Molly Shannon
Rating: PG


Beverly Hills Chihuahua

In this dog-days satirical number, several tried and tested Mexican-flavored jokes are put through the grinder and perhaps gratuitously so, but it’s not for naught. For Cloe, a slightly snobby Chihuahua from Beverly Hills, a trip to Mexico seems like nothing special until she gets lost and must ensure a journey fraught with excitement, frustration and endless endearing laughs. Pictures with animals with them are an acquired taste, granted, but here we have a movie that, although lighthearted, does venture forth to contemplate the meaning of identity, leadership and compassion. 

Director: Raja Gosnell
Starring: Selma Hayek, Drew Barrymore, Andy Garcia
Rating: PG


The Express

Ernie Davis remains one of the NFL’s greatest drafts ever, and certainly among the first African-Americans to have made a big impression on the league. His nickmane attests to his prowess and capability in delivering the goods, and this film depicts much of his rise to fame as well as his trials and tribulations. It’s an ensemble cast which we have great hopes for, and since we are trying to keep sporting activities in mind for the fall, this release should go well with any active lifestyle. 

Director: Gary Fleder
Starring: Rob Brown, Dennis Quaid, Charles S. Dutton
Rating: PG

nick and norah

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist 

Now this one is firmly for the teenagers in the household, so fair warning! But it’s a great adventure-overnight piece, affording us a look into the mindsets and often freaked-out lives and times of contemporary high schoolers. There’s a lot of the surreal and funny here, as a crew of kids takes to New York and embarks on a trippy outing rippling with great music, romance, doubt, joy and hope. The language and content are slightly mature, but the lessons are all very important. 

Director: Peter Sollett 
Starring: Kat Dennings, Michael Cera, Alexis Dzienna
Rating: PG-13


The Secret Life of Bees 

There’s been a lot of talk about this movie over the last couple of years, and it’s finally here. Parents and children alike stand to have a good, meaningful time here, as they behold the story of Lilly, a young girl who craves direction in her life after her mother’s passing. She finds a new path with an adopted family that’s oozing support and care – all set to the backdrop of beekeeping and honey making. How symbolic- since Lilly needs sweetness to offset life’s harder edges. But fret no longer, this flick isn’t a saccharine-fest, it has both positive and negative things to say about life, and you’re bound to come out smiling. 

Director: Gina Prince-Bythewood
Starring: Dakota Fanning, Queen Latifah, Alicia Keys
Rating: PG-13

ping pong

Ping Pong Playa

Should be out around the time you read this, and don’t let the title mislead, it’s a comedy alright, but one with a serious streak coming from director Jessica Yu, who’s not exactly famous for laughs. Well, not until now. In this movie, she’s overseeing the story of C-Dub, a guy from the nicer side of town who dreams of making the NBA yet ends up taking on table tennis instead. There’s a lot of family ties involved, a look at life for the children of immigrants in North America, and plenty of humor. Just don’t take the faux-stereotypes too seriously, they’re not meant in any way other than as a gag.

Director: Jessica Yu
Starring: Jimmy Tsai, Khary Payton, Andrew Vo
Rating: PG-13

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