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Movies – Sept 2011

September, 2011
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Spooky Buddies

Actors: Sage Ryan, Sierra McCormick, Elisa Donovan, Harland Williams, Jennifer Elise Cox

Directors: Robert Vince

Language: English

Studio: Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment

Talking puppies appear in the mysterious mansion. They feel that something very spooky is going on. The puppies and their new friends learn about the evil ideas of Warwick the Warlock. They want to stop him and save the world!

This is a movie for the whole family full of humor, action and an emphasis on friendship and teamwork success.


Mars Needs Moms

Actors: Joan Cusack, Seth Green

Directors: Simon Wells

Language: English

Studio: Walt Disney Studios

Come on! Who needs moms?!

Nine-year-old Milo understood how much he needs his mom, but only after Martians kidnapped her. Disaster! They are going to distill her mom-ness to give it to their own. Now Milo has to save his mom. To solve this quest Milo has to find ways back to her, and with some unexpected help he might just succeed! This journey is full of fun.



Actors: Aimee Teegarden, Danielle Campbell

Directors: Joe Nussbaum

Language: English

Studio: Walt Disney Pictures

"Prom" is a movie containing several different stories from one high school prom. Nova Prescott’s story seems to be a classic drama. She feels attracted to the guy getting in the way of her perfect prom. When some steady relationships unravel, other begins to ignite. Senior Mei and Tyler hide secrets; others anticipate the most important event at high school, but feel insecurity about the future.

This movie is very romantic, funny and good entertainment for whole family!


The Dog Who Saved Halloween

Actors: Dean Cain, Elisa Donovan, Gary Valentine

Directors: Michael Feifer

Language: English


The Bannisters and Zeus just moved into a new home. It’s Halloween, and therefore the perfect moment for Zeus and George to find out about a creepy neighbor. They meet a scary dog, find a haunted house and make a partnership with bumbling burglars. Many adventures are waiting for Zeus and his friend! Can he find a missing cat? Bust the ghost? Face his biggest fears?

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