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Montessori Workshop for Parents at The Family Learning House

June, 2017
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family-learning-house-montessori-workshopThe Family Learning House has just completed the third Parent Learning Workshop on Montessori Education for school parents. This time, the Montessori team guided parents through the Sensorial Area of a Montessori classroom. Parents had the chance to participate in some hands-on learning about the many materials available and the impact these sensorial skills can have on a child’s development. Even further, the workshop discussed the different planes of development based on Montessori theory.

The workshop started with a warm-up activity, and then all parents were asked to think about which abilities they are developing with each exercise. Are they training their acuteness of hearing or their coordination, their concentration or fine motor skills?

Senses are the tools the body uses to obtain data and perceive the environment. The five main human senses are sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. From the moment they are born, a child’s senses are already hard at work taking in the world around them. As the senses are gradually trained they will begin to take in more information about the world around them. As a child’s senses and observational capacities are expanded, their intellect tends to expand as well. One of the key determinants of an individual’s intellect corresponds directly to the development of their cerebrum. So how can we promote the development of an individual’s mind? Development of the cerebrum is accelerated based on the number of local nerve connections established. Once the child is familiar with the learning materials, the teachers will use the “Three Step Lesson” format for introducing abstract concepts. The abstract concepts referred to include size, color, and shape. At the workshop parents were invited to try some of the visual exercises while blindfolded. This interesting experience allowed them to feel from a child’s perspective when performing the sensorial exercises at an advanced level.

Although the teaching materials in the sensorial section of a Montessori classroom fall short of the innumerable stimulations children will experience in the real world, they still serve as a gateway to exploration of the limits of the five senses. Every exercise gradually refines their senses and pushes them further along in their exploration of the world around them.

On 29 June the final Parent Learning Workshop on Montessori Education for this semester took place, which lead parents to explore the Mathematics area of a Montessori classroom. 


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