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Marcell Is A Little Artist

April, 2009
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In all the art competitions that had been organized by the magazine in the past three years, Marcell Vajda had always been taking the first or second place in his age group - under 10 years old.

It is no exception then for this young boy to win again in the LittleStar Environment-friendly Bag Design Contest this year. His two art works won him the first prize and third prize in the Bag Contest.

His first prize-winning work mainly demonstrates a big green eye. The image tries to remind people of the environment and think about it, though differently than they may do so at the moment. “Then everybody will have a brainstorm of different ideas. That’s the amazing thing about art,” said the 4th grader at the British School of Beijing. “To draw something it does not always have to be something real….Art does not always have to be real. You can draw anything in the world you want, anything that goes in your head.”

For the little boy, to win is not the most important thing. What matters to him is to have fun in the process of drawing and painting. “I was having lots of fun, having lots of ideas, and drawing them on pieces of paper.”

Although he is already good at drawing and painting, his top interest lies in music.

“My dream is (to become) a great pianist, and go on the stage and perform concerts. The best pianist is Hungarian, and I am a Hungarian,” he said, with pride.

To achieve that, Marcell started studying piano two and half years ago. At first he was going step by step, like usual, but then, he decided that he should go much further to harder songs composed by great pianists, because he wanted to feel how it feels to play the songs composed by great pianists.

Now he is taking piano courses and practices every day. He has already been able to play several whole pieces and has performed publicly. “I feel so happy before a big audience,” he said.

For Marcell, music and painting have something similar. “Every time you play a song on the piano, it paints a picture in your head. When you draw a picture, it comes alive, it has music in it.”

Besides this, the little artist has a broad range of interests: violin, cello, swimming, football, as well as languages. He has started to learn how to use the traditional Chinese brush pen under the guidance of one of his teachers. This is something that he loves about Beijing, which is in his opinion both traditional and modern at the same time.

He found that he had been growing since the family moved to Beijing three and half years ago. “When I first came to Beijing, I was a normal boy…Because of Beijing; I have learnt a lot more stuff.”

Marcell is eager to succeed, however, with a clear head. “You don’t always succeed. You don’t always get first place… People who love the thing they are doing and really want to become good at doing that specific thing, and then they do it and do it, then they will succeed.”

By Qin Chuan

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