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LittleStar CISB Short Story Competition 2017-2018



Everyone has lessons to learn. As students, we have all had many memorable lessons at school – a lesson that you love, a lesson that you hate, and a lesson that you will remember for a long time. As a person, we also learn lessons from life. Lessons in life are awesome, because of the change they can make in our hearts.


Entry Requirements

Short stories: 2,000 words maximum (no minimum); the title is not included in the word count.

Entries must be the sole work of the entrant, must not have been published (including self-published) on any form of online or offline media, and must not have been used in any other competition.

Entry Format

Entries must be in English, with pages numbered, and the word count and entrant's name noted at the top of the first page. The filename for online entries must be: the title of the entry + byline of the author's name + age level + school name (E.g. A Lesson Forever by Alice_16_CISB). The submitted file must be a Word document, single-spaced, and with text aligned to the left. Preferred font of the text is Times New Roman, size 12. No corrections can be made following submission. Failure to comply with the entry requirements will result in disqualification.

All entries must be submitted online at

LittleStar will confirm receipt of entries via email.


The competition is open to all international school students in China, competing in four age groups:

  • Group I: 9 years old and under

  • Group II: 10-12 years old

  • Group III: 13-15 years old

  • Group IV: 16-18 years old

Deadline for submission

Closing date for submission of online entries is 15 January 2018.


There will be ONE 1st prize winner; TWO 2nd prize winners; and THREE 3rd prize winners for each age group.

In addition, LittleStar Magazine will award the grand prize of the latest Apple iPad to one student writer of LittleStar’s choice. The winner will also have the opportunity to do an internship at LittleStar Magazine.


The competition will be unbiased and judged fairly. The leading judge for this year’s short story competition will be a published author from the US, UK or Canada (name to be confirmed in January 2017). Other judges will include LittleStar editors and invited English teachers and librarians from participating international schools.

The judges’ decision is final and there will be no individual appeal process.


The final results and winners' list will be released on the LittleStar website before 16 March 2018. Winners of the competition will also be notified by email by LittleStar Magazine.

Prize Winners/Awards Ceremony

All winners will be invited to the Grand Awards Ceremony in Beijing in March 2018, where the prizes will be awarded.

The list of prizewinners will be posted on the short story competition website ( and LittleStar website ( before the Awards Ceremony.


A special anthology of winning short stories will be printed before the Awards Ceremony in March 2018. Each entrant for the competition, as well as participating schools, will receive a certain number of copies.


Worldwide copyright of each entry remains with the author, but LittleStar Magazine will reserve the right to publish the winning poems and stories (including runners up) in the annual anthology along with any relevant promotional material.