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A LESSON - LittleStar CISB Short Story Competition 2017-2018

November, 2017
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LittleStar CISB Short Story Competition
Everyone has lessons to learn. As students, we have all had many memorable lessons at school – a lesson that you love, a lesson that you hate, and a lesson that you will remember for a long time. As a person, we also learn lessons from life. Lessons [...]

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How to Motivate Children in a Montessori School

November, 2017
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How do we motivate children in a Montessori school to love learning the way Maria Montessori said they would? How do we get to the stage where we can say, “the children are now working as if I did not exist.” (Montessori, Absorbent Mind, p.277)
There are many experts in the field of educational research today, [...]

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CISB Head of School: Commitment to Excellence

November, 2017
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During the interview with Douglas K. Prescott, Head of School of Canadian International School of Beijing (CISB), I was deeply impressed with his passion for education and his love of the school.
“Education today is more exciting in many ways than 40 years ago. This keeps me energized and passionate, and makes me want to see [...]

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Winners List - LittleStar BWYA Environmental Postcard Design Competition ‘A GREEN FUTURE’

November, 2017
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           Congratulations to Winners in LittleStar BWYA Environmental Postcard Design Competition 
Group I (6 Years & Under)
1st Prize Winner
Tiffany Zhao, 5 years old, Etonkids International Bilingual Kindergarten
2nd Prize Winners
Mickey Mi, 4 years and 10 months old, Beijing [...]

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Tough Choices – A-levels vs. IB

November, 2017
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As a Head of Sixth Form (‘Sixth Form’ being the name given to Years 12 and 13, in the British education system), I am often asked my opinion on the debate regarding the choice between A-levels and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (known as the IB DP). My answer is that it is indeed a [...]

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My Choices in IB

November, 2017
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“Choose subjects that you are most interested in, because ultimately those are the ones in which you have the best chances to improve.” – Joseph Hua, graduate of Wellington College International School.

“Choose whichever [subjects] you like, the option doesn’t matter.” – Chenny Jiang, Northwestern University. 

“For those applying for U.K., choose the subjects related [...]

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SSIS Alumni Arikawa Kinji: Studying in Shanghai

November, 2017
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After studying at Shanghai Singapore International School for twelve years, Arikawa Kinji chose to attend the Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University in Shanghai, one of the best medical schools in Asia. Currently, Kinji lives in the foreign student dorms.
The major he is studying now is Medicine, or MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of [...]

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Bookmaking with Nursery

November, 2017
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In Nursery, we look at different exciting and ‘hands–on’ ways in which we can lay the foundation for pre-literacy skills. At this stage of development children are building their understandings of how print and pictures in a storybook communicate meaning, and I was looking for a way that children could make personal connections to enable [...]

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Curtis Jobling: Keep Reading, Kids!

November, 2017
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British writer and illustrator Curtis Jobling recently paid visits to a number of international schools in Shanghai and Beijing, including Beijing City International School (BCIS), where he gave lectures to the students on storytelling and reading for fun.
Jobling is the designer of worldwide hit children’s television show Bob the Builder, and the author and illustrator [...]

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Dulwich Shanghai Counselors Empower Students toward Success

November, 2017
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At Dulwich College Shanghai, a group of highly-trained and knowledgeable Counselors are dedicated to helping students with their academics, future planning and more.
Kathleen Schultz joined Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong as the new Director of University counseling this August. She has been working in international schools for over 17 years both in Europe and Asia. 
Kathleen [...]

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BCIS Alumni Yulin Chen: Enjoy Your Educational Life

November, 2017
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It’s great being a photographer as I can remember people’s faces very clearly for a really long time, and especially those excellent students I have met at internationals schools throughout these years. When we got the recommendation from Beijing City International School (BCIS) about an interview on their proud alumni Yulin Chen, I quickly thought [...]

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A Green Future - LittleStar BWYA Postcard Design Competition

November, 2017
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LittleStar BWYA Environmental Postcard Design Competition
Theme: A GREEN FUTURE. The postcard design should incorporate the importance of environmental protection. Students need to design postcards to send out messages such as “Save the Environment”, “Lead a Green Life”, etc.
The competition is open to current students at international schools/Kindergartens, [...]

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A Foreigner in Shanghai

November, 2017
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Once, a king believed he could defy God. To prove his might, Nimrod built the Tower of Babel, tall enough to reach the heavens. God, insulted by this challenge to his power, cast the plague of languages upon humanity. Thus did Nimrod’s recklessness cause division among us, forcing men to see their own brethren as [...]

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LittleStar International Schools Fair BEIJING 2017

November, 2017
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International Schools Fair- BEIJING 
第 四 届 北 京 国 际 学 校 教 育 展
10:00 am – 4:00 pm, 18 November 2017, Saturday
2017年11月18号(星期六), 上午10点至下午4点
Imperial Ballrooms I & II & III, 5/F, Four Seasons Hotel, No. 48 Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Come check out the Top 30 international schools, kindergartens, bilingual schools in Beijing as well as some popular [...]

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The 6th LittleStar International Schools Fair SHANGHAI 2017

October, 2017
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LittleStar International Schools Fair
November 4th (Saturday), 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
2017年11月4号(星期六), 上午10点至下午4点
The Place, 100 Zunyi Road, Changning District
Meet All the Schools in One Day; and Find that Perfect Education Fit for Your Kids!
Education is a choice! In this 6th International Schools Fair, we present 40 BEST international schools, kindergartens, bilingual schools and extra-curricular enrichment programs in Shanghai. This is a [...]

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