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April 16 - Awards Ceremony for LittleStar CISB Short Story Competition “HOME”

April, 2017
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LittleStar CISB Short Story Competition ‘HOME’
Date/Time: April 16, 2017 (Sunday), 1:30pm – 4:30pm
Location: Canadian International School of Beijing (CISB), 38 Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing
* Cash prizes, Certificate and Short Story Competition Book for every student winner
* Professional comments on the winning stories by published [...]

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A Green Future - LittleStar BWYA Postcard Design Competition

March, 2017
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LittleStar BWYA Environmental Postcard Design Competition
Theme: A GREEN FUTURE. The postcard design should incorporate the importance of environmental protection. Students need to design postcards to send out messages such as “Save the Environment”, “Lead a Green Life”, etc.
The competition is open to current students at international schools/Kindergartens, [...]

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Group I (9 years & under) Winners List - LittleStar CISB Short Story Competition ‘HOME’

March, 2017
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Group I (9 years & under) Winners List 
1st Prize Winner
A Sense of Home by Samantha_9_Shanghai High School International Division
2nd Prize Winners
From War Zone to New Home by Hayley Graham__9__Yew Chung International School of Beijing
Dairy of Elephant by Sula Ma 8___Beijing [...]

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Group II (10-12 yrs) Winners – LittleStar CISB Short Story Competition “HOME”

March, 2017
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Group II (10-12 yrs) Winners List 
1st Prize Winner
Home Salmon by Jingmei Zou__12__Beijing No.2 Middle School
2nd Prize Winners
Where I Belong by Bia Kim__10-12__The SMIC Private School, Shanghai
The Unwanted by Jeffrey Liang__11__Shanghai American School, Pudong Campus
3rd Prize Winners
Home Away From Home by Elena Jiang_11_Shanghai American School
Is This It? Home? by [...]

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Three Reasons Why Your Child Isn’t Motivated at School

March, 2017
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Children may appear unmotivated at school for a wide range of reasons…to gain attention, to avoid tasks, to vent frustration and anger, to seek sensory input, to win control and power, and more.
“It is most important to understand why children engage in a certain behavior,” says Junjing Fan, Occupational Therapist with the Essential Learning [...]

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LittleStar CISB Short Story Competition 2016-2017

December, 2016
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LittleStar CISB Short Story Competition
Theme: HOME

Home is where your heart is.  

Home is home.
Where is your home?   

Home sweet home.
  Are you home?

Entry Requirements:
Short stories: 2,000 words maximum (no minimum); the title is not included in the word count.
Entries must [...]

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Healthy Communication with Your School

December, 2016
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At the heart of education is good communication. Communication is the key to any success in life, work and relationships. When it comes to your children’s education, you definitely want to be successful in your communications with their school. We live in a communication age where instantaneous access and 24/7 connectivity has become the new [...]

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Building a Safe Space for Understanding

December, 2016
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The Montessori classroom is a microcosm of the world outside of your child’s school walls. We create and give tools to your child so that they are prepared to make independent decisions as they grow older. Maria Montessori states, “the greatest sign of success for a teacher is to say, the children are now working [...]

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Private Tutors - Friends or Foes?

November, 2016
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The school playground has long been the stage for battles. Who can run the fastest or jump the highest? Such battles build confidence and mimic life’s coming struggles. Such playground antics are yesterday’s child’s play…. today’s battle occurs at the desk. More than ever before the pen has proven mightier than the sword.  Brute strength [...]

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LittleStar International Schools Fair BEIJING 2016

November, 2016
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International Schools Fair- BEIJING
第 三 届 北 京 国 际 学 校 教 育 展
10:00 am – 4:00 pm, 19 November 2016, Saturday
2016年11月19号(星期六), 上午10点至下午4点
Imperial Ballrooms I & II, 5/F, Four Seasons Hotel, No. 48 Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Choosing the right school is always the best guarantee for quality education for your kids! In the 3rd LittleStar International [...]

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LittleStar International Schools Fair SHANGHAI 2016

October, 2016
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International Schools Fair
Shanghai – 2016

November 5th (Saturday), 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
2016年11月5号(星期六), 上午10点至下午4点
Atrium, Shanghai Centre, 1376 Nanjing Road West
Meet All the Schools in One Day;  and Find that Perfect Education Fit for Your Kids!

Education is a choice! In this 5th International Schools Fair, we present 40 BEST international schools, kindergartens, bilingual schools and extra-curricular enrichment programs in Shanghai. This is a FREE [...]

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Shanghai HD Bilingual School: Let Your Dreams Fly

September, 2016
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With the release of colorful balloons, the founding families and teachers of Shanghai HD Bilingual School, over 1,000 people, who stood in the formation of letters “HD” on the sports field, celebrating the grand opening of the new school in Shanghai on 26 August.
“Let your dreams fly!” – The balloon releasing session was arranged elaborately [...]

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As Beautiful as a Magnolia Flower

September, 2016
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John Cucinello, Director of Community and Service at Western International School of Shanghai (WISS), was proudly announced as one of the 50 winners of the Magnolia Award by the Shanghai Municipal Government on 7 September. Cucinello is now one of just 1,059 foreign citizens in Shanghai ever awarded with this great honor in the past [...]

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American Apollo Academy Ready to Lift Off

September, 2016
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After three years of steady growth, the Mind Sprout Academy, an international bilingual preschool, has now moved to a new and larger location in the Changfeng area of the Putuo District this July, and also has a new name – American Apollo Academy (AAA).
AAA now has students aged 18 months to six years, representing 15 [...]

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Mengya Montessori Home Opens in Shanghai

September, 2016
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On 31 August, a grand ribbon-cutting ceremony for the opening of Mengya Montessori Home at the Shanghai Jinmao J·LIFE was held, marking a new prestigious international education location in Lujiazui CBD.
With the school being located in an office suite, the designers researched the best Kindergartens in the world and brought the elements together into the [...]

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