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Little Scholar Academy Opens 2-3 Program Villas

September, 2015
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0j7a1306e589afe69cacAt the beginning of the new school year, Little Scholar Academy (LSA) celebrates the grand opening of its new 2-3 Years Program Villas that are right behind the current campus building. So far, the students have settled in and are feeling comfortable and happy.

Each villa has many exciting and multi-functional spaces that will accommodate a wide variety of activities appropriate for the youngest learners. On the ground floor, there is a fully stocked art studio, filled from floor to ceiling with all sorts of interesting and unique materials for students to express themselves artistically and to use what they have learned through creative projects. As part of the school’s Reggio-Emilia-inspired philosophy, students are encouraged to use various creative materials in unique ways to demonstrate their learning.

0j7a1405e589afe69cacOn the other side of the first floor is the Work Shop space, filled with lots of daily objects for students to explore. In the Work Shop, students’ imaginations can run wild! It provides a space for costume play, a light table, building supplies, and other everyday objects that students can use to try out a number of roles. This space helps students understand how the world works in a fun and stress-free way.

The second floor of the villas contains two multifunctional academic spaces – the Function Room and the Reading Room. The Function Room is specially designed to accommodate the daily Morning Circle and other large whole-group activities. Age-appropriate toys and other objects line the walls to provide resources for a wide variety of educational games. A large television is also provided in this room to show educational videos and games. 

0j7a1423e589afe69cacThe Reading Rooms are stocked with age appropriate books for students to explore, and comfortable spaces for students to listen to stories. LSA also provides tables and other surfaces for students to help them develop pre-writing and fine motor skills. Each of the reading rooms has a special theme that creates a warm and peaceful environment in which to read.

The outdoor garden is beautiful and safe. It also serves as a learning space, and contains a covered patio, a wide-open grass yard, and a wide variety of natural materials to play with. A wraparound ramp not only leads to a slide, but also to a second story platform that can also be used as a unique learning space. Kids love to run and play in the garden! 

0j7a1484e589afe69cacTo ensure safety for the kids, the 2-3 Villas have been checked many times to ensure a safe learning environment. Surfaces and spaces in each room are childproofed with child-safe gates and padding to minimize chances of bumps and accidents.

The rooms are designed to accommodate small group learning, which keeps the student to teacher ratio at a very safe 4 to 1. The staff works to use the space in a way that eases the transition from home life to the school setting to provide a home-like atmosphere.

“This ‘home away from home’ is truly an exciting place for young children to grow and learn,” said Manda Munro, the LSA Principal. “We chose the villas because we wanted to create a home-like environment so as to make the transition from home to school more smoothly for these young children. Many of them have never been in a formal learning environment before, so it is important to create a home environment because if the children don’t feel comfortable or secure no learning is expected to take place.”


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