The Care For Children School

The Care for Children School is the only international school in Beijing designed to meet the needs of expat families whose children are unable to gain admittance or find success within the mainstream educational environments available in Beijing. Our staff represent a unique gathering of compassionate, competent individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds, countries, languages, education, training and experience. This exceptional gathering of individual talents offers students at CfCS a very special opportunity to benefit from the collective skills and expertise of the CfCS team as they grow and progress academically, socially and as individuals. Classroom groupings and staff to student ratios are designed to be flexible in order to respond to our students' individual strengths and needs. We work closely with our families in order to determine their child's needs and goals and then ensure that all of the resources required (human and material) are put in place to fully challenge and support our students to their maximal potential. Classes will generally concentrate on literacy and numeracy (at that child's individual level) in the mornings with Science, Social Studies, Life Skills and ICT taking place in the afternoon on a rotating basis (along with Art, PE and Music).
Founding Date Advisory Support from YCIS, ISB, DCB, WAB and BISS jaeger le coultre replica
Accrediations & Affiliations Special Needs School (day)
Type 2-5 years; 6-11 years; 12-18 years; 5-18 years
Age of Students 17
Number of Students International
Nationality of Students Focus on the 4 core SEN subjects of the English National Curriculum - Numeracy, Literacy, PSHE and ICT. Other subjects designed to encourage student independence and social interaction. Dual programmes with other mainstream schools are encouraged. An in-centre vocational programme is also provided for our post 16 year learners.
Education/ Curriculum English
Primary Teaching Language English
Languages Taught All of our internationally trained teachers have relevant training, experience and/or certifi cation in Special Needs/Education.We also have access to trained and certifi ed therapists through the on-site Care for Children Family Service Clinic who work individually and in small groups with our students and their families (Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy,
Teachers Counseling, Psychologist, Autism and Behavioral Specialist, ABA therapy).
Teaching Assistants 5
Class Size Maximum 8
Teacher-Student Ratio 1: 2/1: 3
School Hours Class times may vary (08:30- 15:30/09:00-12:00/ 12:00 - 15:30)
After-school Activities Auxillary subjects include Dance, Drama, Music, Art, Cooking and PE (included in school time)
School Facilities Our school facilities include large sunny classrooms, ICT lab, Library, large padded play areas, jungle gym and trampoline, therapy and assessment rooms, Sensory Room, training/ meeting rooms and lots more!
School Nurse or Healthcare All our staff are well trained in basic health care
School Bus Our students have the opportunity to make use of bus services (depending on families' location). School staff will also work with families to design individual solutions to transportation needs.
School Lunch Not included
Admission & Fees Students are considered for acceptance throughout the year.Tuition and Fees include:
Full day program - 160,000 rmb
Half Day Program - 105,000 rmb
Early Intervention Class- 8750 per month
Development Fee- 15,000 rmb (fee that goes directly towards new materials and resources)
Application Fee- 7,500 rmb (non-refundable fee that covers assessment by panel of staff/ therapists)
Support Services:
Therapy services and fees are may vary widely and are calculated based on assessments and individual student needs. As an example, one 30 minute therapy session per week for 36 weeks, would add 20,520 rmb to the annual fees.
Contacts River Garden 101, No. 7 Yu Yang Road, Hou Sha Yu, Shun Yi District, Beijing 101300, PRC
Tel: (+86 10) 8046 3306 Fax: (+86 10) 8046 3806
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