Ritz Calilord Academy

Ritz Calilord Academy has two campuses throughout Beijing. Each campus is designed as an experimental kindergarten under China's National Educational Project, following the principles of order, cleanliness and beauty. We are true to the children's-natural-growth principle, learning initiatives and self-confidence, simultaneously creating a safe atmosphere full of respect and happiness. Understanding the real needs of children, by providing suitable guidance and support to a life natural growth, we help children to build up good habits and the ability of an integrated personality with emotion quotient development (EQ), also to inspire them passion for excellence in order to achieve their inner self-satisfaction.
Founding Date September 1, 2006 IWC Replica Swiss Made
Accrediations & Affiliations Montessori International Association Accredited School
Type Kindergarten
Age of Students Up to 6 years old rolex replica
Number of Students 80
Nationality of Students Chinese, Korean, American, Canadian, New Zealand, Panama
Education/ Curriculum Montessori / Chinese/ English/ Co-Curriculum
Primary Teaching Language Chinese and English (50%/ 50%)
Languages Taught Chinese and English
Teachers 6 teachers, Diploma and above, with AMS or MIA Montessori Teacher's Certifi cate, 5-8 years teaching experience
Teaching Assistants 20 TAs
Class Size Max 25 students
Teacher-Student Ratio 1: 4- 6
School Hours 8 am to 5 pm
After-school Activities Art, Dancing, Music, Roller Skating, Cooking,Table Tennis, Gongfu
School Facilities Music Room, Multi-functional Room, Outdoor Playground, Garden, Kitchen
School Nurse or Healthcare Yes
School Bus Optional, RMB300 single trip, RMB500 round trip/Month
School Lunch Yes, RMB30/ day (3 meals and 2 snacks)
Admission & Fees Administration Fee: RMB 2000/ School Year
Tuition: RMB 66,000/School Year fifa 15 coins fifa coins
Contacts Locations: Modern House Shunyi/ Green River Manor Changping
Tel: (+86 10) 8070 4298 (Changping) / (+86 10) 5810 1708 (Shunyi)
Fax: (+86 10) 8070 4298
E-mail: ritz.calilord@gmail.com
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