Mammolina Children's Home Montessori Kindergarten

Mammolina Children's Home prides itself in offering children up to 7 years old the benefits of a high quality, no compromises Montessori environment. We offer uniquely integrated, open space classrooms, where children learn at their own pace, and each child's progress is monitored individually. Mammolina's one-on-one assistance and detailed record keeping system allow us to focus on each child's interests, and make all necessary adjustments so we can make sure that each child's love of learning is fostered throughout the whole program. As soon as children arrive at Mammolina they become part of a loving community conceived and designed to meet their individual developmental needs. Our spacious, carefully prepared child-sized environments allows all children to consistently develop to their fullest potential as they acquire daily skills conducive to independence. As their needs are met, knowledge is naturally acquired. Each child's love of learning is fostered through self-chosen activities and the use of special didactic materials. Mammolina nurtures confidence, curiosity and creativity.
Founding Date August 1, 2005 imitazioni orologi
Accrediations & Affiliations IMC (International Montessori Council) member school
Type Infant-toddler and Kindergarten (all- and half-day programs)
Age of Students Up to 7 years old
Number of Students Maximum 15 for the infant-toddler classroom and 30 for the kindergarten
Nationality of Students Open to all children, regardless of country of origin, nationality, language or religion
Education/ Curriculum Montessori, up to 7 years old, covering Practical Life, , Sensorial, Language, Mathematics, Cultural Studies, Art and Music
Primary Teaching Language English and Chinese
Languages Taught English and Chinese (while other languages are also spoken)
Teachers Teachers are AMS - American Montessori Society, London St. Nicholas (MCI) and AMI (Association Montessori International) certified, with up to 20 years of experience
Teaching Assistants As per classroom needs, Montessori trained
Class Size 15 (infant-toddler classroom) / 30 (kindergarten classroom)
Teacher-Student Ratio 1: 5
School Hours 8:15-8:30 a.m. (arrival) and 3:30-3:45 p.m. (dismissal)
After-school Activities As per needs of curriculum / interests of children
School Facilities Independently owned facilities, integrated 250-300 sqm classrooms, private garden / play area, etc.
School Nurse or Healthcare School Doctor with 22 years experience working with children in kindergartens. First-aid trained staff. Healthcare provided as per parent's requirements
School Bus Yes, door-to-door service
School Lunch Provided by the school or as per arrangements made with parents. All food is prepared in-house to guarantee maximum hygiene standards.
Admission & Fees No capital levy is charged.
Lunch: RMB YUAN 4,860.00
Bus: RMB YUAN 6,480 - 8,100 (according to area)
Contacts Location: Xiangjiang Beilu, Maquanying Si Qu #36 (Chaoyang District)
Tel: (+86 10) 8470 5128
Fax: (+86 10) 8470 5127
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