Ivy Academy

Offering some of the most educated teachers in the city, Ivy Academy is home to Harvard-trained staff and uses the Multiple Intelligences curriculum that stresses the uniqueness and individuality of every child.This translates into a weekly report for every single child at the end of every year documenting your child's development.
Founding Date 2004 Zenith replica
Accrediations & Affiliations In collaboration with Harvard Graduate School of Education researchers
Type Kindergarten
Age of Students 2 to 6 years old
Number of Students 53
Nationality of Students 18 nationalities represented
Education/ Curriculum All English curriculum based on the Multiple Intelligences theory and the pathway approach
Primary Teaching Language English
Languages Taught English and Chinese
Teachers All teachers are degree holders and experts in early childhood education certifi ed in Multiple Intelligences theory from Harvard Graduate School of Education/WIDE
Teaching Assistants Our Assistant Teachers are all college graduates with a strong interest in early childhood development and education. They are energetic, enthusiastic and caring young teachers who bring their positive energy to the classroom.
Class Size Max 15
Teacher-Student Ratio 1: 5 in Nursery and pre- Kindergarten, 1: 8 in Kindergarten
School Hours 8:30am - 12:00 noon (half-day); 8:30 - 3:30 pm (full-day)
After-school Activities Creative movement, art, swimming, kick boxing,, photography
School Facilities An outdoor playground, garden, large indoor playroom, aerobics room, swimming pool, multi-purpose room and a Suzhou garden with lake
School Nurse or Healthcare Campus doctor
School Bus optional, from RMB 7,000 - 14,000
School Lunch optional, RMB 28/ meal
Admission & Fees Registration fee: RMB 1,000
Tuition fees:
Half day: RMB 86,000
Nursery (part week, 2/3 days): RMB 39,560/59,350
Full day: RMB 127,900
Deposit: RMB 8,000 (non-refundable, to be credited toward tuition)
Different rates if you choose to pay in two installments
Contacts Location: C101 East Lake Villas, 35 Dongzhimenwai Street, Beijing 100027
Tel: (+86 10) 8451 1380 Fax: (+86 10) 8451 1382
E-mail: Info-EL@ivyschools.com
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