Guangzhou Huamei International School

Founded in 1993, Guangzhou Huamei International School is a full-time English-Chinese boarding school, administered by a group of returned overseas Chinese scholars; it is composed of kindergarten, primary school, middle school and pre-university programs. Widely recognized by Chinese governmental education departments, Huamei School now ranks as one of the best private boarding schools in southern China. It provides professional and tailor-made programs ranging from kindergarten to grade12. For the foreign students, the school assures them a remarkable and productive experience to learn the Chinese language and culture, as well as an English-immersing environment. Location: Huamei International School, 23 Huamei Road, Tianhe Guangzhou

Founding Date June 19, 1993
Accrediations & Affiliations N/ A
Type Boarding school, kindergarten to high school
Age of Students 2 to 16
Number of Students 2600
Nationality of Students More than 30 nationalities represented
Education/ Curriculum Integrated program based on the Chinese National high school curriculum and Ontario High School Academic English courses stipulated by the Ontario Ministry of Education.
Primary Teaching Language English and Chinese
Languages Taught English and Chinese
Teaching Assistants N/ A
Class Size Max 35 students
Teacher-Student Ratio N/ A
School Hours N/ A
After-school Activities Kick boxing, soccer, basketball, tennis, piano, ballet, eurhythmics, classical Chinese painting, etc.
School Facilities The 18-acre campus is situated in a mountainous suburb of Guangzhou,replique montre featuring tree-surrounded buildings, one standard athletic field, three tennis courts,sneakers one indoor gymnasium, two swimming pools, and a biological garden effectively facilitate over 40 extra-curriculum activities.
School Nurse or Healthcare Yes
School Bus Yes, on weekends
School Lunch Yes
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Contacts Tel: 8620-8706 5178/  8721 0083/ 8721 0495
Fax: 8620-8721 0372
E-mail: or
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