Eduwings International Kindergarten

Eduwings Kindergarten has two departments: English/ Chinese Department, and German Department. Each department is split into 3 age groups (2-3, 3-4, 5-6 years) and one infant group (below 2 years). All the Lead teachers and Language teachers are Native speakers and will educate your child individually following our kindergartens philosophy: Every child needs to have roots and wings. Roots to know where are they from and wings to explore the world. We also offer facilities for: swimming, saunas, music, art, Montessori area, library, P.E. class and climbing, as well as an outdoor playground and a yard. All afternoon activities are including the tuition fee.
Founding Date September 1, 2010 Cheap IWC Replica
Accrediations & Affiliations N/ A
Type Kindergarten
Age of Students 1 to 6 years
Number of Students 100
Nationality of Students American, Chinese, German and mixed nationalities
Education/ Curriculum Eduwings Curriculum follows the best parts of Berlin IWC Replica Watches Education Program (Germany), The Chinese Kindergarten Education Program, North American Program, the details of our curriculum please find here
Primary Teaching Language Native language of each child (German, English, Chinese)
Languages Taught German, English, Chinese
Teachers Each classroom has 3 teachers who are professionally trained and native speakers
Teaching Assistants N/ A
Class Size Max 15
Teacher-Student Ratio 1: 5
School Hours 8 am - 4:30 pm
After-school Activities Swimming Class, Roller Blade and Hockey Blading, Dance class, Orff Music, Art class, Montessori Class, International Reading class, Piano Class, Speech Therapy
School Facilities Swimming Indoor Pool, Art creative studio, Piano Room, Climbing Room, P.E. and Dance room, library, Sleeping Room, Kids restaurant, Health Center
School Nurse or Healthcare Yes
School Bus Yes, routes to Beijing Reviera, Quan Fa, Eurovillage, River Garden, Capital Paradise, Dragon Bay, Rose&Gingko,Wan Ke Garden,Tian Zhu Hua Yuan
School Lunch Fresh cooked lunch every day
Admission & Fees Registration fee: 4500 RMB
One year: 58000 RMB for Half-day program,80000 RMB for full-day program
Contacts Location: clubhouse of Merlin Champagne Shun Yi District, Beijing 100312
Tel: (+86 10) 6450 8384
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