Founding Date sjjzz
Accrediations & Affiliations US-China Centre for Research on Educational Excellence, Michigan State University. Partnerships: the Exploratorium Museum, Beijing Normal University, Sesame Workshop, the George Lucas Educational Foundation, and the Institute for Environmental Education at the University of New Mexico.
Type Nursery though 4rd Grade
Age of Students 2 to 10 years
Number of Students 158
Nationality of Students 25 nationalities represented
Education/ Curriculum Research-based bilingual curriculum developed for 3e. Students spend half a day in a Chinese classroom and half a day in an English classroom.
Primary Teaching Language 50% English, 50% Chinese daily dual-immersion program
Languages Taught English, Chinese
Teachers All teachers have a Bachelor’s degree at the minimum. All English teachers are native English speakers.
Teaching Assistants Qualifi ed teaching assistants with degrees, and early childhood training. Art instructor, music teacher, PE teacher.
Class Size Nursery - maximum 12; pre-K - maximum 16; kindergarten - maximum 16/18; elementary - maximum 18 / 20
Teacher-Student Ratio Nursery 1:4, Pre K 1:8; Kindergarten 1:8/1;9, Elementary 1:9/1;10
School Hours Half-day Nursery: 8:30 -11:30 am, Full-day Nursery-Grade 4: 8:30 am -3:30 pm
After-school Activities Includes Art, Spanish, Fun Math, Basketball, Ukulele, Drum, Kung Fu, Science, Ballet, Tap Dance, Taekwondo, Cooking, Yoga, Roller-skating, Football, Music & Movement, Magic Show and more.
School Facilities Spacious, bright and engaging classrooms with SmartBoards, Gym and dance studio, large natural outdoor space, multipurpose field, library, art studio and student kitchen. IQ Air filters in every classroom and IQ Air Perfect 16 throughout the school.
School Nurse or Healthcare Full time school nurse.
School Bus Yes
School Lunch On-site kitchen, vegetarian options, Chinese, Western, nutritionist consulted with international food prepared by Eurest
Admission & Fees Application fee: RMB 1,600 (once the space confirmed)
Nursery Half Day: RMB 93,800
Nursery Full Day: RMB 103,800
Pre-Kindergarten: RMB 136,900
Kindergarten: RMB 140,600
Grade 1 to Grade 4: RMB 150,700
Bus Fee: RMB 9,400 to RMB 11,400(depending on area)
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