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LAS Hosts 2nd T-shape Fashion Show

July, 2012
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Livingston American School of Shanghai held its second annual Fashion Show on June 1st. For the occasion, fashion design students in grades 6-12 modified a basic T-shape pattern. Students created garments inspired by the kimono, yukata or haori. Art students in grades 6-12 made paper mache head sculptures for the show, worn with the garments.

las-t-fashionLAS students again held high expectations for the show. The work of three seniors was particularly remarkable: Christine Roh made the best-sewn outfit, with extremely careful attention to detail, and a balloon skirt which was a heavy challenge for a beginner. She was happy to discover when she finished that although it was a Japanese-inspired garment, the color combination and the simplicity finally made it look Korean. Ayako Takagi probably made the most gorgeous outfit, also very neatly sewn, with a 2-face skirt and a creative obi. The pattern making method used was intuitive, which gave students a lot of freedom to experiment. One of the best heads was made by Cho Gyung Ah, with a difficult size that was no problem for her. The head was beautifully finished as she smartly mixed ochre and gold paint to create a cute blond look. Shelly Inoue made the most impressive outfit. With 20 meters of red jacquard silk, traditionally used in China to make qipao, she created T-shape attire that made her look like the ‘bride’ of the show. Yi Sol Kim, in grade 10, was the head artist for Shelly. First, he did a great job modeling paper mache lips; later, although he had never sewed before, he cut and sewed a silk cover for the sculpture that perfectly fit the lips as a second skin.

All of the outfits were fascinating, particularly if we take into account that some of the students were only in grade 6. Remarkably, it was also Lily Qiang’s creation –both the clothes and the head – which were on par with the cited seniors, although she is only in grade 8. The sculpture work of Annie Liu, in grade 8, was also outstanding.

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