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August 22nd, 2009

Welcome to the Littlestar Team

LittleStar is a new bi-monthly English magazine for international schools in China. Since the very first issue of LittleStar in July 2005, we have set up a strong editorial team of professional editors, educational experts, teachers and students at international schools throughout China. In each issue of LittleStar, you will find articles from our staff writers as well as contributions from our readers. For the continued growth of LittleStar into a national publication, especially with the launch of the official website for the publication –, we sincerely welcome YOU to join us in producing more fascinating stories for our readers.

Positions: Editors for Feature, Travel, Community and People

Job Status: Part-time Reports to: Editor-in-Chief


* Multiple years of experience in media industry, with a nose and a vision for news.

* Generate story ideas and execute them, ensuring the uniqueness and competitive edge of LittleStar content.

* Proficient in conducting interviews and writing skills in English.

* Experienced in all kinds of writing, and have a good feeling for the nuance of various styles.

* Proofreading. Applicants must be able to spell, punctuate, capitalize and understand the rules of grammar and syntax in English.

* Editor as reporter. Have overall direction and perspective in a broad sense. Make valuable investigative reporting as precise as possible.

* Expanding co-operation and coordinating the relationship between contents and advertising clients with a view toward maintaining the independence of edition.

If you are planning an excellent editorial career in China, and you are really interested in working on any of these columns in LittleStar Magazine, please send your CV in English and a sample of your previously published article to We will contact you soon after reviewing the materials. Thanks!