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Jacky Is a Spelling King

April, 2009
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Jacky  Jacky Qiao made an unforgettable guess in life on March 14.

  On that day at the Shanghai Centre Theatre and in front of a big crowd, he correctly spelled out the word “H-E-L-I-O-S”.

  “I actually guessed the word and was so excited that I got it right,” recalled the 7th grader at Beijing BISS International School.

  This correct guess made him the best junior speller in China and enables him to compete with the world’s best in the Spelling Bee final that is scheduled for May 29 in Washington D.C., USA.

  The Spelling Bee is an English language competition held every year, with the aim of helping students improve their spelling, increase their vocabulary, learn spelling and vocabulary concepts, and develop correct English usage. The worldwide competition attracts contestants from 278 countries and involves more than 12 million middle school students between grades six and eight.

  This was the first local Spelling Bee contest in China, and the first time that a contestant from China will be sent to the Washington final. The champion of this final will have a chance to visit the White House and meet with President Barak Obama.

  To become “the one,” Jacky had to remember 1,200 words and go through two layers of contests starting from February: firstly to become one of the top 15 spellers of his school and then the top one at the Shanghai national competition. There were students from three Beijing Jacky-1 schools and thirteen Shanghai schools competing in the contest.

  However, to win the Washington final will require even more effort. Jacky said he had to memorize how to spell a total of 25,000 words. Now, every day after homework, he goes over these words.

  Jacky said the participation in the contest has helped him improve his English, which he had not been so good at. “After I knew so many words, I can use them,” he said.

  As the national champion, Jacky will get a cash prize of 5,000 RMB plus roundtrip airfare and hotel accommodation to Washington. He wants to buy a PC with the cash prize, because he loves computers and computer games. His ambition is to become a hacker.

  For Jacky, there are two kinds of hackers: those “attacking” hackers who are the bad guys, and those “defending” hackers who are the good guys. The task of defending hackers is to prevent attacking hackers from invading people’s computers and therefore invading their privacy in the data world. They also help to stop the malfunction of computers.

  “I want to be a defending hacker. I want to be a ‘hacker killer,’” he said seriously.


By Qin Chuan

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