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HK Education Research Institute Enhances YCIS Curriculum

November, 2016
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As part of Yew Chung International School’s commitment to providing progressive education and curriculum, the educational foundation has partnered with the Chor Hang Educational Research Institute (CHERI), in Hong Kong to regularly review teaching practices and the curriculum. Recently, Senior Fellow of CHERI Rebecca Maxwell visited the Yew Chung International School of Beijing to meet with leadership and staff regarding the continued development and enhancement of the school’s curriculum.

ycis-beijing-cherishing-cheri-face-final-2Originally from Australia, Rebecca Maxwell has over 27 years of experience in various teaching and education roles, including principalships in Australia, Hong Kong, and Jordan as well as other various leadership roles in Australia, Papua New Guinea, and the UAE. She has served as the Senior Fellow at the Chor Hang Educational Research Institute (CHERI) since May of 2016.

CHERI focuses on helping to improve the YCIS curriculum. The current focus is the development of Physical Education and Health, The Arts, Creative Technologies (previously ICT and Design), and libraries.

In developing the curriculum, Rebecca works with YCIS teachers who have knowledge of current school practices and needs, and YCIS experts in specific curricula areas, and programs from around the world. “We identify exemplars of curriculum programs from across the world, review the documents, identify the most appropriate programs, and ensure that they match the YCEF philosophy and YCIS school contexts. This is quite a rigorous process aimed at ensuring quality and appropriateness,” said Maxwell.

CHERI collates research relevant to each curricula area and ensures that the teacher practitioners who participate in the development process are current in relation to educational research, pedagogical practices, and current electronic technologies and processes.

Maxwell shares that there is a significant body of research in recent years surrounding the importance of the physical environment as a contributing factor to the overall learning environment. The traditional rows of desks no longer match the learning style of students and the traditional content-heavy delivery of facts no longer matches the research around how students learn with appropriate and engaging pedagogies. Therefore, schools are exploring ways and means of creating learning environments that enable students to engage with information through teachers, each other, and varied resources to create new knowledge and new learning. YCIS Beijing is leading this through their work in the Year 3 Learning Community. Other schools, such as the YCIS Primary School in Hong Kong and some Early Years schools, are exploring the development of learning communities amongst children, teachers, and, ultimately, the wider community.

“As we finish this curriculum development phase, we will launch into a review process. This process will ensure that all elements of our curriculum align and support each other. In part, it will focus on creating more opportunities for teachers to work together, but it will also focus on connecting the curriculum to current developments so that it is responsive to the wider global learning community,” said Maxwell.



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