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Graduation Speech by Cynthia Yang, BWYA

May, 2012
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bwya-cynthiaMy name is Cynthia Yang. As a part of Beijing World Youth Academy’s graduating class of 2012, I’d like to begin by expressing a warm welcome and our sincere thanks to you for being here to share our joy on this meaningful day. Today, on the day of our matriculation from high school, we would like to tell you a story.

Once upon a time, in a land filled with hutongs and zhajiangmian, there was a group of hopeful young people. These girls and boys were a jumble of colours, shapes and sizes.

But such a collection of individuals, while different apart, were together one and the same. United by a determination to conquer the famed International Baccalaureate (known simply as IB to most), this team of aspiring youth set out to achieve their goal. With the help of teachers and mentors, as well as their faithful sidekicks Graphic Display Calculator and Spell Check, they began the long and winding road of IB.

Though the group of young men and women had high hopes, their journey was not without obstruction. Their path was laden with difficulties that held them back. They met challenges the likes of Extended Essay, CAS, and the mighty Theory of Knowledge. Why me? they despaired. How will I ever succeed? Faced with such daunting opponents, many were overcome with pressure. The beasts of plagiarism and procrastination stared them in the eye. Several times, they came close to giving up hope.

But that didn’t happen. With the support of their mentors and peers, they neither gave up nor gave in. On the darkest nights, while students of AP and A-levels were deep asleep, they relentlessly fought.

After many trials and tribulations, these young men and women achieved their goal. They confronted 6 different Internal Assessments; they completed the Extended Essay; they tackled TOK Presentations and the TOK Essay and finally, nailed the IB written exams.

Looking back at the past 2 years, however, many in this group of individuals accomplished more than they expected. Some of them learned to be caring, others became knowledgeable, some of them grew into risk-takers – but most of all, everyone understood the value of teamwork and togetherness. I hope we all remember the Group 4 Project, Model United Nations, the school plays, the Mayfair, the December Talent Show. No single person made these happen alone. We are a team; a family; a pack of wolves. We are together.

Whether you, in our audience, are here to celebrate the graduation of your child, your sibling, your student or a friend, we would like to express a huge thank you for being part of the remarkable experience that has been the last 2 years. As the Chinese idiom goes, 天下没有不散的宴席every feast must come to an end. So ends the feast for BWYA’s graduating class of 2012, but as it does, we’ll always cherish every memory with fondness.


- Graduation Speech by Cynthia Yang, Class of 2012,

Beijing World Youth Academy

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