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Games - February 2009

March, 2009
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star ocean

Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Ah, here’s a game where leadership plays a major…role. Well, it’s a role playing game, so that makes sense. But it’s also one of huge scope, taking place across star systems and replete with interesting characters, copious amounts of action and gorgeous visuals you won’t soon forget. This is supposed to be the most impressive Star Ocean title yet, and so fans of the series are in for a major treat.

Publisher: Square Enix
Machine: Xbox 360
Rating: Teen

halo wars

Halo Wars

Master Chief has led Halo fans across several campaigns for almost a decade now, and this model of heroism and sacrifice has resulted in yet another Halo release. This time round it’s a strategy title much akin to the likes of Red Alert, although set entirely in the Halo universe and adding to the celebrated story. Expect tons of units and structures from all warring factions, as well as hours and hours of online skirmishes. Lead your armies to victory and win the privilege of waiting for the next Halo game, coming later this year!

Publisher: Microsoft
Machine: Xbox 360
Rating: Pending, likely Teen

trivial pursuit

Trivial Pursuit

Knowledge is one defining asset of all role models – for how can one lead and inspire without knowing a thing or two? Prove your worth in this department when you take on wave after wave of trivia challengers, also known as your family and friends. But in this rendition of the cherished classic game we find more categories and more questions than ever before, plus being fully online who knows what updates the near future holds. For all trivia buffs, this is where it’s at.

Publisher: Electronic Arts
Machine: Playstation 3
Rating: Everyone

Sonic B Knight

Sonic and the Black Knight

A role model for kids who love platformers, and kids who grew up into adults who love platformers, Sonic remains an icon of speed, dexterity and good, casual gaming fun. He’s back in yet another new adventure, now featuring a brand new addition – Black Knight. As you may have guessed, the emphasis in this release isn’t simply on traversing endless obstacles. It’s been expanded to include swordsmanship, a new skill Sonic’s picked up. And with some background info on King Arthur thrown in for good measure, this ought to be pretty fascinating.

Publisher: SEGA
Machine: Wii
Rating: Everyone

gold's gym

Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout

Just in case you were beginning to forget about the Wii’s utility as an ab-toning device, here’s a new fitness hit for the Nintendo console. Endorsed by Gold’s Gym, it’s the perfect reason to gather up in front of the LCD with people you care about and lead the gang on the road to better health. In addition to being generally more intense than Wii Fit, Gold’s Gym features extensive personalization, so you can set your own workouts. It’s also customizable in terms of difficulty, so even role models like you can take it easy…just for a while.

Publisher: Ubisoft
Machine: Wii
Rating: Everyone

grey's anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy

Typically, games based on TV shows lack the length and depth of their source material, but in light of the rather entertaining Lost game, this Grey’s Anatomy has us hoping for much. Head to Seattle and join the cast in a completely new story arc – and just like the hit show, the game also consists of equal parts drama and medical diagnosis. In other words, not only do players get to interact with their favorite protagonists, they also lead complex surgical operations and help save lives.

Publisher: Ubisoft
Machine: PC
Rating: Teen

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