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Games – Sept 2009 - II

September, 2009
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Aliens in the Attic

An action-adventure game the whole family can play, Aliens in the Attic follows on from the 20th Century Fox movie about a group of kids on family vacation who encounter a posse of knee-high alien invaders intent on conquering the world. Fun to see a game that is full of heart-pumping action and thrills, but also high on comedy and good old fashion entertainment. What would you do if you found aliens in your attic? Be afraid. Be ‘sort of’ afraid.

Publisher: Playlogic International
Machine: PC, PS2, Wii
Rating: Everyone

create a mall

Create A Mall

Shopaholics unite! Forget Ya Show – create the shopping mall of your dreams with Kellie, an up-and-coming mall designer and fashion lover. Build in six different cities, with 22 store options. Hire workers, purchase materials and design entire entertainment centres, and you could win trophies and medals for outstanding achievement in building and design, not to mention attracting that all important customer. You can even purchase clothes and accessories for Kellie. 

Publisher: Lifetime
Machine: PC 
Rating: Everyone


G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

Yet another follow-on from the movie, G.I. JOE: The Rise of the Cobra video game picks up where the live-action movie leaves off, giving players the power to re-live and even totally re-create the film’s theme. Each G.I. Joe character has unique abilities, weapons and fight styles, and only certain types can unlock doors. Occasional booths allow you to change character in order to reach levels faster. This high-paced game allows single-screen co-op mode, which means two players can unite forces against the evil COBRA organization. 

Publisher: Electronic Arts
Machine: Xbox 360, PC, Wii, PS3, DS
Rating: Teens


Real Heroes: Firefighter

Become a true hero with this distinctive first person action game. Find yourself in the heat of things after joining a squad as a new Fire Academy cadet. This game was created exclusively for the Wii console and takes full advantage of its unique motion-sensing capabilities, allowing the player to experience fiery infernos and explosive situations by hacking down doors and prying apart metal. Learn the basics of how to control fires whilst racing the clock to get them under control. 

Publisher: Conspiracy Entertainment
Machine: Wii
Rating: Teens


Wii Sports Resort

Kids of all ages will love getting active with this new and expansive workout game, which features a dozen resort-themed activities including Frisbee, archery, golf, canoeing and wakeboarding. Because this game is easy to play, smaller kids will get a fun workout, while older more skilled players, can achieve a challenge at deeper levels. Different activities use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers in different ways and athletes can workout solo or against other players. Enjoy loads of action from the very moment players skydive onto Wuhu Island.

Publisher: Conspiracy Entertainment
Machine: Wii
Rating: Teens

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