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Games - Spet 2008

September, 2008
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Infinite Undiscovery

We should probably give Square Enix a call and ask about the slightly weird title, but perhaps the sheer quality of this Japanese RPG ought to make up for any linguistic shortcomings. This title has what it takes to make it for adventure fans – a strong story, sprawling realms, countless varieties of opponents, moody graphics, extensive battles and cool characters. The setting is very unique and we’re really looking forward to this release as it’ll be a deep, engrossing epic, we’re quite sure.

Publisher: Square Enix
Machine: Xbox 360
Rating: Teen


Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise

Anyone who’s played the first Viva Piñata title is smiling just about now. The cuddly and naughty piñatas are back with more Piñata Island hijinx. Are we saying the word piñata too much? Of course, how can we resist. The sequel is another colorful excursion to a dimension of comic fun, and the, hmmm, piñatas are now smarter than ever. You can teach them tricks, have them take care of your growing garden, and then take them online for friendly matches with your gaming pals. It’s all so pinatastic! 

Publisher: Microsoft
Machine: Xbox 360
Rating: Everyone

force unleashed

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 

Power up the gaming console you must, young one, for the force is certainly within you as this new Lucasarts game looms, the most anticipated in the franchise since probably Dark Forces of the late 1990’s! 

The Force Unleashed sees players through the growing pains of a Jedi adept as they rise through the ranks, embroiled in galactic action and facing off with the entire cast of Star Wars regulars – the beasties to Darth Vader. Naturally, learning even greater mastery of The Force is the key point here – so step up and make the most of your potential, oh yes you will. 

Publisher:  Lucasarts
Machine: Playstation 3
Rating: Teen



We’re trying to maintain a team sports theme here, and hockey is the perfect way to get ready for the cooler parts of the year – only a couple of months away! 2K Sports are bringing the annual release back, and packing it with the usual range of officially-licensed features, teams, venues and competitions. Hockey is a fast paced, frenetic game where working quickly with others counts and team cooperation makes a huge difference. Skill goes a long way, but without joint effort it all goes to waste, and this game captures the essence of the sports superbly. 

Publisher: 2K
Machine: Playstation 3
Rating: Everyone


Active Life Outdoor Challenge

Early in the summer that has just passed we had Wii Fit as the newest sensation, and while Outdoor Challenge may not be as big, it’s a great way to start autumn in an active, energetic fashion. As usual for many Wii titles, this one also comes with its own proprietary exercise mat, and likewise features numerous mini-games. Rafting, jumping, the trampoline and many others are here, all designed especially for kids. Get ready for the great outdoors!

Publisher: Namco
Machine: Wii
Rating: Everyone


Wario Land: Shake It!

There you have it – another Nintendo staple getting the Wiimote treatment, with the emphasis in this title on shaking. Players take charge of Mario’s strange opposite Wario, who’s on his own adventure across the usual assortment of freaky and funky platform-riddled levels. But instead of just jumping around, Wario fans get to shake the controller for extra points and swift punishment to anyone foolhardy enough to stand in their way. We detect a likely Wii hit in the making.

Publisher: Nintendo
Machine: Wii
Rating: Everyone

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