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Games – Spet 2006

September, 2006
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Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Double Agent

Over four installments, Splinter Cell has established itself as the premier stealth action series on the market, coming soon to the X360 and PC with significantly improved graphics and game mechanics. Star duties still belong to master-infiltrator Sam Fisher, now made more complicated a character via ambivalent missions and ambiguous moral judgments. What’s still on hand are the real-world environments, authentic political and military settings, plus massively meticulous attention to detail.

Publisher: Ubisoft
Machine: X360/PC
Rating: Pending, likely Teen


Ultimate Ghosts ‘N’ Goblins

Addictive, easy-to-pick up action titles that are also kid-friendly do not make constant appearances on the PSP, but courtesy of Capcom redoing beloved 80’s sideways-scrolling platform shooter Ghosts ‘N’ Goblins, we have one. Perfect for an enrichment class on vanquishing the wicked realm of the undead, Ultimate GNG revamps Knight Arthur’s campaign of exorcism with 3D character models, detailed levels, free-to-roam arenas and heaps of frenzied action. Should keep you busy till Halloween comes along.

Publisher: Capcom
Machine: PSP
Rating: Everyone


Starfox Command

Starfox helped make the Nintendo 64 a hit, and currently returns for another tour of duty on the portable DS. His brand of space combat promises wonders, spiced up with large missions and a strong graphics engine.
Eight player online combat, touch-screen level designer and non-stop star-borne shooting action describe merely a fraction of the enjoyment available.
Ten years ago Starfox and crew shook our world, but with an interim of advancing technology under his belt, suffice to say the school bus commute won’t be the same.

Publisher: Nintendo
Machine: DS
Rating: Everyone


Pac Man World Rally

Taking lessons from Mario Bros may not be appropriate for the greatest game character of all time, but Pac Man still does receive a tutoring when coming out with his own go-kart number, similar to classic Mario Kart of the previous decade.
Featuring numerous other Namco regulars like Dig Dug and Ms. Pac Man, the game also fields a fleet of vehicles, tracks and weapons to be used in friendly contest, including online. Very much the penultimate family experience, Rally breathes new life into a veritable workhorse of a franchise.

Publisher: Namco
Machine: PS2/Gamecube
Rating: Everyone


Ryzom Ring

Soon as your kid’s educators thought it was safe to open textbooks again, a rival to contend with looms on the horizon. Creators of successful massively multiplayer online role playing game Saga of Ryzom have deigned to allow gamers the chance to craft their own alternate universes, unleashing upon the planet a capable, self-contained world-builder utilizing most of what has made Ryzom notable in terms of depth, involvement and lengthy play periods. Gamers will also be able to host and be hosted in each other’s brainchildren, which at least gives you the social skills element.

Publisher: Nevrax
Machine: PC
Rating: Teen

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