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Games – September 2009

August, 2009
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mini ninjas

Mini Ninjas

For the development team that did the Hitman games to be behind a kid product is an achievement in itself – and they’re making it known. Mini Ninjas is an action game minus the violence, as players take on the task of reinstating peace and order to a mythical, highly ornate landscape. Instead of rubbing out opponents, the ninjas of the story remove evil from their adversaries – the bad guys simply become good when defeated. It may sound a bit weird for a video game, but this one does promise the kind of innocent action that’s rare in modern gaming.

Publisher: Eidos
Machine: Xbox 360
Rating: Everyone

pinball hall of fame

Pinball Hall of Fame: the Williams Collection

Once upon a time pinball was all the rage, and here’s a lesson for the youngsters upon this new school year – pinball still rules. And few companies were as pivotal as Williams to the great conundrum of physics that has had gamers tilting machines to oblivion since time immemorial. Here’s a collection of some of their finest machines, plus a couple new boards, all on the Xbox and presented in glorious detail and with online multiplayer. Get ready to launch.

Publisher: Crave
Machine: Xbox 360
Rating: Everyone

halo 3 odst

Halo 3: ODST

Cue stirring military-themed music and drum rolls, there’s a new Halo game coming, of course exclusive to the Xbox 360. It’s sort of a prequel to 2007’s mega-successful Halo 3, but doesn’t require ownership or previous play of any Halo game. In this foray, players assume to role of an elite Orbital Drop Shock Trooper (ODST), as the intricate Halo story and humankind’s struggle to survive continue. Expect superlative action, gorgeous visuals and enough multiplayer to keep you occupied for a few school years…you’ve been warned!

Publisher: Microsoft
Machine: Xbox 360
Rating: Mature

batman arkham

Batman: Arkham Asylum

The Dark Knight takes on some of his favorite supervillain buddies as he enters the seldom visited Arkham mental hospital, where Gotham City’s criminally insane denizens while away the time hatching maniacal plots against decent society. Amid all this, Batman needs to fend for himself, but his arsenal of cunning, gadgets and fighting skills mean the nefarious element is in for a schooling. Plus it all looks very dark and moody, with excellent graphics and a completely original story – this isn’t a movie-to-game number, it’s a standalone product. Can’t wait.

Publisher: Warner
Machine: Playstation 3
Rating: Teen

tornado outbreak

Tornado Outbreak

Nothing to do with the weather, Tornado Outbreak brings to the fore a new superhero, one capable of harnessing the power of extreme winds as he fights to once again save the world from everything vile and insensitive. There’s a heaping mass of levels here, each one assigned a unique art direction - we actually spent just as much time admiring the visuals as we did relishing to cool variety of superpower tricks. The game plays a lot like the addictive Katamari titles, which means you’ll be hard pressed to put it down. 

Publisher: Konami
Machine: Playstation 3
Rating: Everyone

marvel ultimate alliance 2

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Seems like comic book shenanigans are all the rage on the Playstation this fall, and with games of this caliber we don’t mind. The plot thickens for Marvel’s superheroes as the Superhuman Registration Act goes into effect, forcing the characters to pick a side – support the government or oppose it and risk civil war. The third person action and involved story promise a huge boon to fans of the Marvel universe and all adrenaline seekers, so don’t deny yourself this treat. 

Publisher: Activision
Machine: Playstation 3
Rating: Teen

metroid prime trilogy

Metroid Prime Trilogy

Wii owners can mark their calendars, as the entire Metroid Prime series comes to their console, with the first two games getting the motion control and hi res graphics treatment. This box set not only includes untold gaming joy, but also extensive extras such as collectibles, booklets and other bonus material. First person shooter and science fiction lovers cannot miss this historical release, it’s sure to be one of the highlights of the coming gaming season. 

Publisher: Nintendo
Machine: Wii
Rating: Teen

wacky world of sports

Wacky World of Sports

Call us crazy, but just because school’s back in doesn’t mean we have to stop having off the wall fun. Sega sure doesn’t think so, which is why they’re bringing out yet another sporting event compilation for the Wii. However, this time some of the highlights include the rather eccentric-sounding tuna tossing championships, alongside mud sliding, extreme ironing (what?!), golf on ice and many others. Just for laughs we’d recommend this one, but it also gives players quite a workout with the controls, which is good after sitting down at school all day.

Publisher: Sega
Machine: Wii
Rating: Everyone

dirt 2

Dirt 2

It’s not a game roundup without some racing thrown in for very good measure, and the sequel to successful motor bonanza Dirt comes in just in time. Once more into the off road breech – dozens of tracks, dozens of cars, modding, tuning and tweaking all beckon the gearhead in all of us, with an improved graphics engine and more detailed scoring for a truly rewarding time at the wheel. Get revving and don’t mind the mud, it comes with the rough terrain. 

Publisher: Warner/Codemasters 
Machine: Wii
Rating: Everyone

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