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Games – Oct 2005

October, 2005
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Black & White 2

Talking of lessons in leadership for the wee ones, nothing beats a good god game as a tutorial. Controlling Creature in the unreal realm known as Eden, players have options and choices laid out for them as they struggle for dominance and admiration from the hapless Natives. Should be a corker, seeing as it comes much anticipated, following the prequel’s successful run and rise to cult hood over the last few years.

Publisher: Electronic Arts
Machine: PC
Rating: Teen


Legend of Kay

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have had quite the impact, it seems, if now even cats can practice martial arts courtesy of enlightened masters. Legend of Kay’s an elaborate actioner with role playing elements centering on the titular feline and his fight for all things good, aided by Master and sultry warrior kitten Su Ling. Hit that paws button, why don’t you?

Publisher: Capcom/JoWood
Machine: PS2
Rating: US Everyone, UK 12


NBA 2006

Gratuitous basketball mania ensues when the perennial sporting stalwart returns later this fall just in time for another, well, season. Enhanced features include stronger online components, better graphics and of course the benefits of EA’s official license, meaning voices and faces are all authentic. Likely to be a winner on all systems, and definitely one to watch for over other entrants.

Publisher: EA Sports
Machine: PS2, Xbox, PC
Rating: Everyone


The Incredibles: Rise of the Underminer

Just when you thought autumn could provide a safe haven from Disney’s all-reaching embrace, here comes along a new video game based on their successful Incredibles effort, second in what may evolve into a long series. Having said that, the initial game was pretty good, and so there may be nothing wrong with an action-heavy sequel. This assertion’s reinforced with some of the snazziest visuals we’ve seen in the genre as Frozone and Mr. Incredible combat evil mechanized super villain Underminer in a bid to save Metroville. Take that to your lube station and oil it!

Publisher: THQ
Machine: PS2, PSP, Xbox, PC
Rating: Everyone


Matrix: Path of Neo

Unlike the lukewarm Matrix Online and Matrix Reloaded game versions, the latest development in the license is shaping up to be a serious incentive for gamers to wait out as the days get shorter and colder. As its name implies, the product will follow Neo as he becomes the chosen one in the fight for humanity’s freedom from machine oppression. The action saga will incorporate numerous play styles and most of the memorable bits from the movie trilogy, including hordes of Agent Smiths. Got that, Mr. Anderson?

Publisher: Atari
Machine: PS2, Xbox, PC
Rating: Teen

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