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Games – Nov 2010

October, 2010
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SAT Math by Education.com

These online games help students with a few of the most vexing types of SAT math problems. Practice math problems which ask about distance, rates, and time with an activity that will help break these questions down into five easy steps. Learn some of the most common sequences in math with a game that will help students recognize number patterns. Learn how to use the code key to help figure out the meaning of strange operators.

Publisher: Education.com, http://www.education.com/activity/high-school/math/
Platform: Online
Rating: Not Rated

Weekly Reader's Mastering High School Math and the SAT for PC and Mac

Weekly Reader’s Mastering High School Math and the SAT 

Use these audio- and video-powered lessons to master high school math and prepare for the SATs. Understanding complex math concepts becomes more fun through this program’s multi-sensory approach–teaching through audio, video, and print. Complex problems are explained on video, giving students a step-by-step aid on how to arrive at the correct answer.

Publisher: Weekly Reader
Platform: PC and Mac
Rating: Not Rated

Vocabulary Games

Vocabulary Building Games by VKidz

Build vocabulary skills through this word game website with fun practice activities for K-12 students. There is an excellent college prep synonym exercise which can be used as practice for standardized tests. Topics featured cover synonym and antonym questions and homophones.

Publisher: Vkidz

Platform: Online, http://www.vocabulary.co.il/synonyms/high-school/pick-the-synonym-college-prep-words/
Rating: Everyone


Logic puzzles by Math Playground


Take a break from studies doing something fun while sharpening your brain at the same time! Build those logic muscles for exam day by playing classic logic puzzle games such as Rubrik’s cube, Sliders, IQ, Tactics, Tetra Squares, Mancala, and more.

Publisher: MathPlayground.com
Platform: Online
Rating: Everyone


Learn Math by Math Playground

Most experts would agree that the best way to prepare for any math test, including those on standardized tests such as the SAT, is to do as many practice math problems as you can. Each practice set on this site contains five SAT math problems and is set up like an interactive game with follow up questions to reinforce the concepts. Step by step video solutions provide students with sufficient understanding of how problems are completed. 

Publisher: MathPlayground.com
Platform: Online,

Rating: Everyone


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