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Games – Nov 2007

November, 2007
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final fantasy

Final Fantasy XI Online: The Vana’diel Collection 2008

Maybe you don’t know much about the Final Fantasy game series, or maybe you’re still not aware of the fact that it’s an entire culture unto itself, with seemingly countless installments. At any rate, the holidays should be an excellent time to jump in, and this collection is the first to take the franchise online in a major way. This multiplayer role playing game compendium allows for customizable characters, numerous quests and extensive interaction between players, and is a good introduction to the Final Fantasy universe.

Publisher: Square Enix
Machine: Xbox 360
Rating: Teen

mass effect

Mass Effect

For anyone who ever imagined themselves as Captain Kirk from Star Trek, romping along the cosmos in search of adventure, Mass Effect should be perfect. It’s one of those huge games that take months to complete, and brings together equal measures of role playing and action. It’s already heralded as one of the most artistic games ever launched, and all that cozy time indoors over the holidays is a perfect time to sink your teeth into this mammoth piece of software. Check out the dialogue and movie like characters with their elaborate animations! This game is rated Mature but should not be missed!

Publisher: Microsoft
Machine: Xbox 360
Rating: Mature – parental guidance highly recommended!

time crisis

Time Crisis 4

The Playstation 3 finally scores a true first, featuring the only light gun game in this generation of consoles! The fun shooting series has always been a joy to play, pitting players against hordes of opponents in all kinds of settings that really put coordination and reaction times to the test. The fourth entry in the series makes use of the new machine’s better graphics, offers a full first person view for the first time and has the same tongue-in-cheek attitude. The box comes complete with the latest Guncon accessory, which is apparently the most advanced light gun ever made!

Publisher: Namco
Machine: Playstation 3
Rating: Teen


Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

Nathan Drake, a descendent of legendary Sir Francis Drake, is a modern day adventurer on the look for treasure and the exciting land of El Dorado. On the way to fulfilling his dreams, the young Drake becomes stranded on a strange island swarming with all kinds of intriguing mysteries and a host of challenges. Plus there’s a constant barrage of pirates who want to get their hands on the loot. Nathan faces them with his agility and quick gun skills, leading to a potent action adventure title all those with a penchant for the exotic should apply for.

Publisher: Sony
Machine: Playstation 3
Rating: Teen

cranium kabookii

Cranium Kabookii

For family gatherings, few things are as relaxing as a good bout of puzzle gaming. This one has fifteen varieties in four categories, with wacky names like Creative Cat and Word Worm. It’s bound to provide hours of joy that won’t hurt the old noggin either, with a wide range of topics covered, including science, history and geography. With colorful graphics and some recognizable host characters, Cranium Kabookii is the sort of game anyone can warm up to very quickly.

Publisher: Ubisoft
Machine: Wii
Rating: Everyone

winter sports

Winter Sports: The Ultimate Challenge

How can the season of chill and frost possibly be complete without a refreshing workout? Well, if going out to those beckoning mounds of snow in “real” life is something you and the children aren’t really looking to do, then grab a Wiimote and discover this collection of winter athletics, some typical and familiar, some with a twist. This is like a hyper version of the usual winter Olympics, with mascots and a story mode that even features rivalries and boss contests. Get in shape the homebound way!

Publisher: Conspiracy
Machine: Wii
Rating: Everyone

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