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Games – May 2007

May, 2007
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Forza Motorsport 2

No summer season can ever hope to be complete without awesome cars. With this much-anticipated sequel you can take on the challenge of the road minus all the pesky risks and expensive gasoline. Select among over three hundred exotic and muscle-bound vehicles, customize them and then put them to the test on pixel-perfect race courses that promise to deliver the most mind-boggling graphics in a racing simulation yet. Plus, Forza 2 delivers realistic damage modeling and handling and contains the usual Xbox online component so you’re sure to find fellow gearheads to play with.

Publisher: Microsoft
Machine: Xbox 360
Rating: Everyone


Surf’s Up

The combination of big waves, sand, sun and cuddly animals can only mean the weather’s about to get a whole lot warmer soon, and even if the people have grown a bit weary of games based on blockbuster movies, this one isn’t to be missed. It’s got all the fun of the coming the cinematic release, plus it’s greatly interactive. Lots of colorful locations, possible surf moves and a variety of captivating soundtrack songs culminate in an experience that won’t merely entertain but also teach kids about the oft neglected realm of water sports. Surf’s Up continues the trend towards realistic physics modeling, so dive right in, the water’s fine.

Publisher: Ubisoft
Machine: PS3, Xbox 360, PC
Rating: Everyone


Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Yes, there’s a new Harry Potter coming and for this installemt it’ll be just as hard to say no as ever. Especially since now the titular Harry is growing ever more mature, leading his fellow young wizards in a campaign against dark forces threatening to overwhelm Hogwarts and venerable Dumbledore. The adventure has a whole plethora of spells and combat skills, as well as several playable characters that’ll be more than familiar to fans of the series. Management aspects mean players can recruit new wizards to fight on the side of good with the motivation of zealous school kids on summer break.

Publisher: Electronic Arts
Machine: PC, PS2
Rating: pending, likely Teen


Tomb Raider Anniversary

Here’s another all time favorite coming back to a games machine near you just in time for summer. Lara Croft, that celebrated adventure-seeking achraeologist marks a decade of success and fame with a new title packed to the cave walls with the stuff that made the franchise so roaringly compelling. The dual gun action puts in more than an ample appearance, as do hordes of villainous opponents and locations in mysterious Atlantis and ancient Egyptian ruins. The buxom Lara promises to look better than ever for this puzzle-rich actioner, so pack your trail mixes and get ready for a holiday like none before.

Publisher: Eidos
Machine: PS2, PC
Rating: Teen


The Bigs

Even if you’re not inclined towards America’s favorite pastime, The Bigs appears to be the kind of innovative sports game that defies tradition and begs everyone’s attention. As its name alludes to (among other things), it’s all a bit over the top, with the old baseball formula getting reinforced by way of radical effects such as extreme weather phenomena that affect gameplay as previously unseen. Teams and characters are all fully licensed from Major League Baseball and look amazingly real. This is the first baseball title we can think of where players can earn supernatural power ups, which literally puts a spin on this ball game.

Publisher: 2K Sports
Machine: Wii, PC, Xbox 360
Rating: Everyone

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