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Games – March 2007

March, 2007
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Ancient Wars: Sparta
While the 300 bandwagon still rolls, might as well make the most of the phenomenon and see if there’s something to learn about Sparta’s illustrious military history. The game covers numerous campaigns and battles in a real time strategy setting with vivid graphics and the ability to control armies not only from Sparta itself, but also Persia and Egypt. This game is rated Mature, so make sure the kids are aware of the violence prior to commencing play. Madness? This is education!
Publisher: Eidos
Machine: PC
Rating: Mature


Mario Party 8
Get some friends around for an evening of Mario lunacy as Nintendo unleashes new mini games and several larger escapades such as Star Carnival Bowling. The new compendium addsto Mario’s legacy while taking advantage of the Wii’s natural knack for keeping a party going with attractive graphics and controls that just can’t be put down. FRom rowing to shooting, Mario Party 8 will keep your juices flowing for another go at the books come exam time.
Publisher: Nintendo
Machine: Wii
Rating: Everyone


Raiden III
Old school doesn’t just mean breakdancing and class reunions, here on the aging but still going strong PS2 is also translates into prodigious shoot em up action. Pilot a fighter ship against endless hordes of vicious enemies, all against a gripping backdrop of vibrant visuals, pumping sounds and highly challenging and diverse opponents and settings. This is the Raiden series’ swan song on the PS2, and so the game promises to revisit cherished hallmark weapons as well as introduce new ones. Miss it at your peril!
Publisher: UFO Interactive
Machine: PS2
Rating: Everyone


SNK VS. Capcom Card Fighters
Typically, fighting games involve characters punching and kicking their way to victory, but in its first such foray for almost a decade, SNK now has once again come up with a new twist on the card combat concept. Celebrated game characters from the catalogs of both SNK and Capcom make appearances as part of a card strategy game with almost 300 different cards and a huge spectrum of possible tactics and combinations. This is an interesting angle on card playing, and offers something to gamers of all ages.
Publisher: SNK
Machine: DS
Rating: Pending


Command and Conquer: Tiberium Wars
The king of real time strategy games makes its first appearance on the current range of game consoles. Command and Conquer has transformed the action strategy gaming genre beyond recognition, and returns at long last to its proper roots with compelling military mayhem, over-the-top weaponry and extensive full motion video footage starring name actors. That’s right, none of that CGI sequence nonesense, we’re talking real movie bits inside the game. That means not only good action but a driving story to boot. So if you or the kids haven’t experienced the series yet, delay no more.
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Machine: Xbox 360, PC
Rating: Teen


The Cube
Only on PSP, The Cube showcases somewhat of a Tetris effect in its portrayal of a unique, never seen before puzzle environment players must traverse in order to progress. All the action occurs in full 3d so that there’s no limitation to the direction movement can take, and the game allows for cooperative play to be as consistent or as sporadic as you wish: an entire campaign or just one level. Gamers can also customize levels and share them with friends for even more collaborative enjoyment.
Publisher: D3
Machine: PSP
Rating: Pending

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