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Games – June 2010

July, 2010
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Simplz Zoo


Players of SIMPLZ ZOO are asked to expand a tiny zoo with one lonely exhibit into a wildlife delight by providing food for the animals, staff for the zoo, and resources to build new attractions. Acting as a young zoo keeper, players group tiles on a grid in order to earn what they need to expand the zoo. Players also make decisions on what to add and where. After each successful puzzle match, players go back to the zoo and spend the money earned to improve the facilities. Guests walk through commenting on the exhibits while occasional animal facts will pop up over the patrons’ head. A good fit for middle school kids and above, this game can be downloaded for Windows PCs and Macs at http://www.simplzzoo.com/.

Publisher: Reflexive Entertainment
Platform: PC
Rating: Everyone

Family Gameshow

Family Game Show

This game from the Game Show Network offers three game show style games. Players select an avatar and then proceed to choose one of the games. Players can select Control Freak, which is a trivia game; Puzzle Addict, which is a combination of crossword, Sudoku, and word search challenges; or Brain Strain, a brain teaser-type game. Players can choose from three levels of difficulty where the content and time limits are appropriately set. The lowest level is suitable for 10 years old and the highest is appropriate for adults.

Publisher: Storm City Games
Platform: Wii
Rating: Everyone 10+


Super Mario Galaxy 2

A sequel to its popular predecessor, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is updated with new power ups and gravity effects. The story line follows Mario, who must rescue the kidnapped Princess Peach and save the Mushroom Kingdom from his enemy. Mario has to travel to outer space on Starship Mario to find Bowser, his enemy, and the kidnapped Princess. On his mission, he also finds Lumas and meets up with his friend Yoshi. Successful players will defeat Bowser, save the Princess, and make it back to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Publisher: Nintendo EAD Tokyo
Platform: Wii
Rating: Everyone

Backywar Sports

Backyard Sports: Sandlot Sluggers

The latest title in the Backyard Sports series not only includes the typical games and season modes, but also includes a new story mode as well. The story mode starts with bullies who have taken over the sandlot and forced all the town’s kids to play indoors. The player is the new kid in town who is set on taking back the baseball diamond by forming a new team. However, all the best baseball players already have their own teams in their own neighborhoods. So in order to form a new team, the new kid has to beat all the other teams to show that the best players should join his team instead.

Publisher: Atari
Platform: Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi, Nintendo Wii, Windows, Xbox 360

Rating: Everyone

Monster Racers

Monster Racers

Although similar to other monster-collection games like Pokémon, Monster Racers leaves out the violence of the other games that have players fighting monsters. Instead, players join a world where mythical monsters spend all their time whizzing around race courses. Players can befriend monsters who join up in a team and race against other monsters. Special items can be found throughout the game to upgrade or personalize monsters. Monster Racers also allows for online multiplayer games via Wi-Fi, as well as local wireless play against others who have a DS.

Publisher: UFO Interactive
Platform: Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi

Rating: Everyone

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