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Games – June 2008

June, 2008
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beijing olympics

Beijing Olympics 2008

You didn’t think we’d be able to get through Olympic season without a game or two dedicated to the event, now did you? And why not, it’ll be fun. With graphics faithful to the beloved Jing and the various venues, this title has the goods. Participate in some 30 events as your team of choice, rack up the medals and set records. One world – many gamers!

Rating: everyone
Publisher: Sega
Machine: Xbox 360


Hail to the Chimp

Timed to coincide with the American political season, Hail to the Chimp is a fun look at running for office, with a chimpanzee theme to proceedings as the name suggests. In this group-friendly title, compete with your friends in a variety of game types, each set to the merriment of cool graphics depicting a large number of characters: all wacky animals. It gives the phrase “it’s a zoo in here” a whole new twist. Check out the live action online – talk about monkey business!

Rating: teen
Publisher: Gamecock
Machine: Xbox 360

dragon ball z

Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit 

This is the first game in the Dragon Ball franchise to come to the current generation of game consoles, and as fitting this bold assertion, it promises a slew of improvements and even to finally recapture the look and feel of the animated series to pixel perfection. It’s also aiming for an online emphasis, with plenty of game modes for multiplayer and heaps of action. 

Rating: everyone 
Publisher: Atari
Machine: Playstation 3



NASCAR’s back, the best stock racing car league in the world. Summer is also a heyday for burning rubber and revving engines, in case you didn’t know, so suit up, don those gloves and take a seat. It’ll be a scorcher: accurate tracks and cars, several deep play modes to keep you racing for weeks and weeks, and personal guidance by non other than champion speedmister Jeff Gordon. 

Rating: everyone
Publisher: EA
Machine: Playstation 3

top spin 3

Top Spin 3

2K’s venerable tennis series makes another showing, perfect for that Wimbledon mood and beefed up with better controls and an action-leaning design. It’s out on all three major platforms, but the Wiimote makes it doubly appealing, as you tackle the might of the world’s best racket wielders across over 40 different locations and play varieties. If you have any interest in tennis, earmark the rest of summer for this one. 

Rating: everyone
Publisher: 2K 
Machine: Wii

purr pals

Purr Pals

Purr pals? Now that sounds a bit too sweet even for an issue dedicated to being hopeful, but we’re actually really looking forward to this one. There have been similar concept titles released in the past, especially on Nintendo’s own handheld, the DS, but this one is bigger and more ambitious, taking kids through the paces of choosing a feline companion, caring for them, seeing them grow and prosper. The bottom line here is a sense of responsibility: animals are not playthings, they’re living beings that deserve to be happy. 

Rating: everyone
Publisher: Crave
Machine: Wii

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