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Games – July 2007

July, 2007
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Dynasty Warriors Gundam

Leave the mundane Planet Earth as we know it behind and go on entirely unique adventures that marry the best of two franchises. Koei’s well-established Dynasty Warriors series has been a console stalwart for ages, while the Gundam universe probably needs little introduction. Oil up and get ready to fight, only this time we’re not talking ancient Chinese warriors but futuristic mechs bristling with ultra cool weaponry. Forget the Transformers, this is where the real action lurks.

Publisher: Koei 
Machine: Xbox 360, Playstation 3
Rating: Teen


Moto GP 2007

All the latest bikes, tracks and actual famous riders await in this new installment, exciting more than ever with updated graphics and physics guaranteed to put players right in the hot seat. The Xbox 360 version features the thrill of online multiplayer with people from all over the world, plus fully customizable motorcycles and other assorted gear. There’s been a few good car racing games lately, but not so much on the bike front. This is set to change with the new Moto title coming your way. 

Publisher: THQ
Machine: Xbox 360
Rating: pending, likely Everyone



Now, one way to travel is to get on a comfy plane and be whisked away to some tropical resort location. None of that for us hardened tamers of beasts, though, as the PS3 is looking to finally get one of its first truly thrilling games. In Lair you control a mighty dragon that can take you anywhere in a mystical realm full of adventure and menace. Combat occurs both on land and in the air and against a gamut of opponents. Also, look for the great atmosphere and motion sensitive controls for an extra touch of interaction. 

Publisher: Sony
Machine: Playstation 3
Rating: pending, likely Teen


Cosmic Family 

For all who’ve ever wondered what life on a space faring rocket might be like, Cosmic Family may have some answers in store. It’s essentially a simulation of a family’s life aboard a colorful starship, with everything that entails, down to the nitty gritty stuff like maintaining hygiene and grooming the on board monsters! This a highly kid friendly title that’s more in tune with educational software, only it does benefit from some nice visual effects and the Wii’s notorious motion sensing controller. 

Publisher: Ubisoft
Machine: Wii
Rating: Everyone


Space Station Tycoon

Graduate from managing a mere spacecraft to the entire destination in a fun game simulating almost every aspect of running a colony on another planet. Actually make that closer to a galaxy, as the large cast of characters can move about various solar systems as they take on different types of space stations and obstacles such as supernovas, black holes and fierce space pirates. Space Station Tycoon is the answer to your summer doldrums with its depth and humorous hijinx. 

Publisher: Namco Bandai
Machine: PSP, Wii 
Rating: pending, likely Everyone


Brunswick Pro Bowling

When the time to wind down from all that interplanetary road tripping comes, what could possibly beat a solid round of bowling? All the more if it uses actual Brunswick licensed products (the brand being highly respected worldwide among bowling pros), superb physics, lots of different alleys, a full career mode and evil gutters with a glint in their eyes. Pick a ball and roll like summer’s going to last forever. 

Publisher: Crave
Machine: PS2
Rating: Everyone

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