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Games – Feb 2008

February, 2008
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lost odyssey

Lost Odyssey

Nothing to do with the hit television show, but a major achievement in its own right, Lost Odyssey is a classic role playing game in the traditions of Final Fantasy, meaning you can readily expect lots of turn based action, magic spells, gorgeous locations and a strong storyline. This is an Xbox 360 exclusive spread across four discs and over seventy hours of gameplay, which means you’ll be kept busy for some time to come. This is the English version – a Japanese rendition has been out since December.

Machine: Xbox 360

Publisher: Microsoft

Rating: Teen

fifa street

FIFA Street 3

This is what happens when you take the most famous soccer players in the world, loosen them up a little bit, and then let them play to their heart’s content on the teeming streets of the planet’s highly iconic cities. In a concept that harkens to those cool commercials they had last World Cup, depicting footie superstars playing with kids in Rio and such, FIFA Street 3 uses cartoon-like graphics, simplified rules and a strong emphasis on smooth action and scoring.

Machine: Xbox 360

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Rating: Everyone


Lost: Via Domus

It had to happen. With such world-hugging success, the Lost television series and alternate universe had to have its own game version coming, and here it is. While details are kept intentionally under wraps, we know the game will allow us to play as a survivor of Oceanic 815, taking gamers to places on the island where they’ll work together with characters from the show, as well as go head to head with the lovely smoke monster. If you’re a lover of Lost, this is not an optional purchase – you must obey the call.

Machine: Playstation 3

Publisher: Ubisoft

Rating: Teen

turning point

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty

If you’re craving some World War II shooting action but can’t quite stomach another Call of Duty or Medal of Honor, we have a solution. Turning Point is a bit of crossover between 2004’s Freedom Fighters and that old comic The Rocketeer, with one hardy New Yorker taking up arms against an invasion of his beloved city, this time not by dastardly Soviets but rather marauding Nazis. In short, we have before us another alternate history number, and those by default are always good fun. 

Machine: Playstation 3

Rating: Teen

Publisher: Codemasters


Go Diego Go: Safari Rescue

One may dismiss this as a Dora The Explorer-inspired, yet-another-cute-game-for-the-Wii afterthought, but we like Diego and his upcoming franchise. Ideal for young gamers, Diego delivers the same wide-eyed wonder and curiosity the old Where in the World is Carmen Santiago titles had, and in this adventure he also puts forth conservation and the need to get closer to nature. We recommend!

Machine: Wii

Publisher: 2K

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