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Games – April 2008

April, 2008
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nba ballers

NBA Ballers – Chosen One

For an alternate take on the NBA, check this one out. Yes, it’s from EA, the most mainstream publisher out there, but it’s also packed to the gills with unique gameplay features that highlight the skill and importance of iconic players. Just as the play-offs wrap up, get ready for next season with your own basketballing superhero – down to ludicrously creative act a fool moves and detailed career management.

Machine: Xbox 360
Publisher: EA
Rating: Everyone

top spin 3

Top Spin 3 

Sporting is in the air this spring, and so are some of the fastest tennis maestros this side of Wimbledon.  Top Spin 2 was one of this writer’s personal favorite sports games over the last few years, so it’s interesting to examine the kind of improvements 2K have implemented here. These include far more impressive and fluid animations, an expanded career mode, better online play and 40 real life locations. Only the strawberries and cream aren’t included. 

Machine: Xbox 360
Publisher: 2K 
Rating: Everyone

riding star

Riding Star 

We’ve seen riding games on the PS2 before, but this one comes just before the Olympics and the equestrian events in Hong Kong, so the timing is excellent. So are the graphics, with an emphasis on easy to pick up play and child-friendly controls. Even better, the game contains an extensive variety of events that cover everything we’ll be seeing on TV this summer, plus it’s a nice way to learn about those lovely horses. And it’s got “star” in the title!

Machine: Playstation 2
Publisher: Valcon
Rating: Everyone

polar games 2

Polar Games 2

Even if you missed on the first in this series, there’s no problem. With the friendly cool dudes that make up the cast in this title, everyone will be happy to join in as they travel around the world and engage in an assortment of mini-games, from golfing to tubing and lava lake sailing. Sounds like fun? You bet, it’s the best way to get in the mood for summer and those flowery Hawaii shirts. 

Machine: PC
Publisher: Mumbo Jumbo
Rating: Everyone

boom blox

Boom Blox

In case you’re running out of excuses to gather everyone around the living room, how about an extra 300? That’s right, Boom Blox has over 300 levels, all dedicated to the art of conquering puzzles, from the quite simple to the maddeningly tough. The key here is manipulating a variety of shapes and blocks, somewhat like Tetris only with a lot more humor and wacky personality. Plus there’s the motion sensing properties to keep in mind – have fun. 

Machine: Wii
Publisher: EA
Rating: Everyone

deca sports

Deca Sports

For those who may feel Olympic-level competitions are a bit much for them, there’s always Deca Sports. With ten different events, obviously simplified physics and a lot of flavor, it’s the right balance between athletic passion and arcade action. You can play with up to four other people for that unique tournament feel, and the Wiimote motion controls are perfectly integrated into each event. This compendium is so spring, you can almost smell the fresh turf. 

Machine: Wii
Publisher: Hudson/Konami
Rating: Everyone

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