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Games – April 2009

April, 2009
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night at the museum

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

Ben Stiller changes gears for the game release, based on his hit comedy. In this very family-centric title, players take on challenges derived from famous exhibits, including ancient Egypt, the American Civil war and 1930’s Chicago. While the action is intense and highly compelling, there’s a lot of history to be gleaned in the process, and everyone can take part. Plus, we feel this game has that magical allure everyone likes so much about museums – the dark alcoves, quiet halls…and frenetic button mashing!

Publisher: Majesco
Machine: Xbox 360
Rating: Everyone

battlestations pacific

Battlestations Pacific

Carrying on the historic theme, Eidos is revving up this multi-discipline simulator just in time for the 67th anniversary of the Battle of Midway. Here, history buffs and action seekers can get their groove on using planes, ships, submarines and more. The first game in the series, Battlestations Midway, was heaps of greatness and had an excellent online component. We think the sequel has a lot more to offer – not least vastly souped up graphics.

Publisher: Eidos
Machine: Xbox 360
Rating: Teen

raiden fighter aces

Raiden Fighter Aces

People have been clamoring for this one a long, long time now, and it’s had so many release dates postponed it may not even be funny anymore. But now it seems the new Raiden epic is finally upon us in time for summer, so gather round the addictive action. And there’s tons of it on hand, with the entire, that’s right, entire, Raiden series on one disc. So you can play through it all together. Talk about involvement – Raiden’s scrolling science fiction shoot ‘em up excellence offers a common denominator no one can put down.

Publisher: Valcon
Machine: Xbox 360
Rating: Pending, likely Everyone 10+


X Men Origins: Wolverine

In what may well be an example of what happens when parents don’t take sufficient interest, here’s Wolverine. Good old Logan now has an entire movie revolving around him, not surprising as he’s arguably the most charismatic mutant of the bunch, plus Hugh Jackman is finally getting the proper recognition he deserves. The game follows the movie to a large extent, delivering the same high octane action and adding story elements, to boot. Up to 100 combo moves are available to discover – making this one an instant must for X Men devotees.

Publisher: Activision
Machine: Playstation 3
Rating: Pending, likely Teen



One can’t seriously get in the right mood for the hotter part of the year without donning the persona of a racing pro. And here’s our pick for outstanding racer of the preliminary season – FUEL. This one’s not your usual autofest, so you may have to join forces to take on its plethora of authentic off road tracks from around the world, spectacular weather effects and devastating damage modeling. FUEL’s no fancy release featuring a bunch of shiny supercars, this is the nittier and much grittier side of motor sports. Expect lots of sun, open spaces, fresh air and even fresher mud. 

Publisher: Codemasters
Machine: Playstation 3
Rating: Pending, likely Everyone

cross edge

Cross Edge

With a bit of a hype storm attached to it, Cross Edge is one to keep a close eye on. Not many Japanese RPG’s have made the transition to English version on the PS3 so far, and this one appears bent on bucking the trend. Not only does it field the usual array of cute graphics and wacky characters we’ve come to expect from the genre, it adds to the concoction an old favorite in the form of grid-based strategy. Forget mere sword slashing, Cross Edge is much more thoughtful and in depth, so mark our hopes officially up. 

Publisher: NIS America
Machine: Playstation 3
Rating: Teen

party pigs

Party Pigs Farmyard Games

If there’s one thing the Wii is good for, it’s getting the family together in front of a colorful, easy-to-get-into game. And those games typically don’t cost much, either, something Destineer has certainly done much to promote. They’re back with a slew of releases for summer, one of which is this cute pigout of an adventure. Designed to accommodate four gamers at once, Farmyard Games drops a family of pigs smack in the middle of a small Olympiad, complete with soccer, long jumping and various races. We anticipate hours and hours of good fun for everyone involved. 

Publisher: Destineer
Machine: Wii
Rating: Everyone



At long last, Klonoa returns! Among the crème de la crème of platformers, Klonoa is also ideally suited to the Wii, and is a surefire bet for kids everywhere. The main character, the famous Klonoa, emerges from a prolonged hiatus when his dream world comes under attack from a mischievous villain who’s new to the series. Together with his new friends, and armed with enhanced powers and abilities, Klonoa must prove he’s the champion all the good people of the universe have been waiting for. Can you help? 

Publisher: Namco
Machine: Wii
Rating: Pending, likely Everyone

help wanted

Help Wanted

Where was this game when we did the issue on saving money? This would have been perfect! One look at Help Wanted and our curiosity went into overdrive. It seems Hudson, being the wise, seasoned gamemakers they are, have tailored the ultimate game for “this economy”. As the name indicates, it’s basically a compendium of 50 jobs, most of them a bit on the eccentric side, and each a mini game in its own right. So not only do you get to have copious amounts of fun, but you can even offer your kids some career guidance while at it. Even better, players earn points working the many jobs, which then can be spent on buying extras at different in-game stores. This is educationware at its finest!

Publisher: Hudson/Konami
Machine: Wii
Rating: Everyone 10+

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