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Etonkids English Presentation of Regional Chinese Culture a Great Success

February, 2015
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etonkids-english-performanceThe inaugural ‘Etonkids English Presentation of Chinese Regional Culture’ was successfully held on 17 January 2015. This event was organized by Etonkids English Department, in collaboration with the Etonkids Academic Department, to provide a platform for students to showcase their talents and English abilities. Also, teaching results were presented and the New Year was celebrated. Etonkids students, parents, and teachers from different campuses across China attended this showcase in Beijing.

Before the showcase, Etonkids staff prepared a warm-up ‘signing’ activity for the children. All little actors and actresses, and the audience, were invited to sign their names on their hometown area on a Chinese map backdrop. This activity seemed simple, but it meant a lot for these little ones. Signing their names on behalf of their hometown also made them feel honored and proud.

The showcase kicked off at 9am. There were 12 performances altogether by Etonkids students and teachers from different campuses, including singing, dancing, acting, and storytelling, etc. All these performances, such as the songs sung together by Chinese and Western children and Chinese Kung Fu performances presented by a group of children, or the adorable version of Lee Kui by a little boy with two axes, won the applause and cheers from the audience.

The drama performance, Sichuan Hot Pot, by students from Chongqing impressed the audience with its unique portrayal of Chongqing’s hot pot culture by combining musical elements. Students from other regions such as Beijing, Jinan, Tianjin, Nanjing, and Wuhan presented their regional cultures in diverse ways, and, at the same time learned a lot about different aspects of Chinese culture together with their parents. During the intermission, an Etonkids English Specialist and his students shared ‘The Magic Bag’ science experiment as a demo class.

Outside of the venue, international Etonkids English Specialists set up booths around the lobby to share their hometown cultures with the children. Card games, airplane chess and toys were on display for children to experience cultural diversity. English Specialists also provided the audience with delicious homemade snacks and desserts.

Etonkids students, parents, and teachers all enjoyed this cultural immersion event, even though the showcase lasted only half a day. Etonkids teachers were proud of their talented students for helping to offer such a diverse cultural presentation. The first Etonkids ‘English Presentation of Chinese Regional Culture’ was a major success. In the future, Etonkids will continue to organize more cultural events, in its creative way, to carry forward its 3Cs: Character, Creativity and Culture, which is a featured education concept.


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