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Dulwich College Suzhou Students Lead Music Projects in Suzhou

May, 2017
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Senior School students at Dulwich College Suzhou have been demonstrating their initiative and generous spirit by developing two imaginative projects, bringing music to the Suzhou community over the past few months.

The Crescendo project is a charitable, student-led organization that teaches music to Primary School students in the rural areas of Suzhou. Over the past two years, they have provided a total of 46 guitars to two migrant schools — Ming Xing migrant school in the old town and You Hao migrant school in Mudu — and have held more than 15 two-hour-long music workshops to more than 50 students on Saturday mornings.

dulwich-suzhou-music-projectsThe experience has been extremely inspiring for both the student and teacher volunteers. Every week, the passion for music demonstrated by the children made Dulwich College Suzhou students really appreciate the valuable opportunities they themselves have been given at school and how music can truly bring people together. The Crescendo project gave them the chance to connect with the children and to learn more about their lives and families. They became more than their instrumental teachers; they felt more like an older sister or brother. The younger children turned to them to complain about their annoying younger sibling, or busy parents, or bad test grades and they shared many joyful moments. Every Saturday morning, they learned to live in the moment.

Dulwich Suzhou students hope that this will be the beginning of something larger in the future, getting the whole international community more involved and to create happiness through music.

Dulwich students have also established another music-based program called the Music Room Project. This started last year after they were awarded an ACAMIS grant of 2,000 US Dollars. The aim of the project is to refurbish a music room for students at migrant schools. The students sourced and bought all the materials needed and visited the school every week to do the refurbishing work themselves. Their first project, at Ming Xing migrant school, was such a success that this year they decided to continue the project at anther school. Impressed by the student’s commitment and initiative the ACAMIS Board awarded another 1,500 US Dollars. They have since been working with Li Xun migrant school to refurbish their music room too.

The student leader of the ACAMIS Music Room project said, “Our determination and teamwork is stronger than ever, but now we have more skills and experience added to the mix, making our team a truly tight-knit and professional one. It was remarkable to see how well and effectively our team was able to overcome many challenges along the way and everyone has tried their hardest to paint the walls as beautifully and professionally as possible.”

The project will be completed very soon and the students have lots of ideas for the final decoration of the room, painting cloud designs and fixing musical theme stickers on the walls. When completed they will present Li Xun migrant school with the musical instruments and present the newly furbished room to the children.

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