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Congratulations to YCIS HS Graduate Rene Huang

July, 2017
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Rene Huang, High School graduate of Yew Chung International School of Beijing (YCIS Beijing), will be studying information management in business at University College London.

ycis-bj-hs-graduate-rene-huang-1It still feels amazing to me that time went so fast and that I’ve already graduated from High School. I miss my friends very much, and it is sad to know we won’t be able to see each other for a very long time. All of this just feels unreal to me.

Now I’m in Taiwan already with my family as they moved back. I don’t have a special plan for this summer, just staying in Taiwan to spend more time with my family, and to free up some time to do the things that I didn’t have time to do.

I’ve been studying at YCIS Beijing for four years. I joined in Year 10 and couldn’t speak English at that time since I studied in a local Taiwanese school. It was a very difficult time for me to adapt to this new environment, and I constantly doubted myself for not being able to improve. However, now I have graduated and achieved quite satisfying results. Looking back on all these experiences, I have to say the people here helped me a lot, and I was very lucky to receive endless support from my family, friends, and teachers. Thanks to their encouragement, I was more confident in myself and eventually achieved what I set out to.

YCIS Beijing is a warm family. There are only about 30 students in my year group; we are close with everyone. The teachers can also pay extra attention to students. I think this is very important for IBDP because there are lots of internal assignments. Since there are fewer students, teachers can give more support for each student and help us to do our best.

For me, the best memory is that on my 16th birthday, my friends prepared a surprise birthday celebration by inviting almost the entire year group to celebrate during lunchtime. When I walked into the classroom, everyone jumped up. I was so surprised and touched that so many people were there for me. That was the first time for me to feel the sense of belonging at YCIS Beijing, and I really appreciate all my classmates for making the community feel like such a warm family.

I did IB in High School.I took Chinese A literature, English language B, Math, Business and Management, Psychology, and Environmental System and Society. I think IBDP is very challenging, as it requires critical thinking from the students. We need to analyze and evaluate certain topics based on the knowledge we build throughout the courses, not just simply memorize it. Although it is more challenging, I like it more than the traditional education I had because when learning this new knowledge and skills, I can see how the things we are learning are tightly related to society. This made me like this program more, and also motivated me to do well in it because I believed my hard work would pay off in the future. 

I believe stress management is a key factor that affects to what extent students enjoy High School life. Stress is inevitable when people want to do well in something, but since High School is like a marathon, we all need some forms of relaxation that help us refresh our minds. For me, although I spend most of the time studying, I tried to reach a balance to free up some time for myself to pursue goals in other areas such as friendships, family, music, and even K-drama. These all helped me to relieve stress from the intensive work, and made my High School life more enjoyable.

I believe time management is one of the most important skills for success as it doesn’t merely help you to hand in all assignments on time, but also makes sure you have time to do things that you like to do and to have a balanced life. For me, I usually sleep seven hours a day, which is pretty amazing compared to many other students, while still being able to hand in quality work on time. At the same time, I still manage to pursue my hobbies and to hang out with friends once in a while after my work is done.

Moreover, you’ll feel less anxious when you know you are on track. This helps you to be more efficient in your studies. Time management is a skill that we all need to learn and to improve throughout our lives. The earlier you start, the better you can do in the future. 

I’ve been studying in international schools for four years. It’s quite a short time compared to many of my friends who’ve spent their entire lives in international schools. Having experienced both local and international education, I would definitely say that international education has better prepared me for the future. When I was still in public school, I didn’t understand why we were learning what we were learning, but in IBDP, I understood that besides the knowledge itself, it teaches us the skills to use the knowledge, which I believe is definitely more beneficial for our future growth. 

International education has truly opened my eyes and taught me in terms of personal development, such as the need to be open-minded and to connect with society, instead of living in a bubble and ignoring what’s happening in the rest of the world.

Advice for fellow students: Time goes very fast. Enjoy your time with your friends because there will be one day when you have to say goodbye.


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