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Congratulations to YCIS Beijing HS Graduate Lucia Finochietti

July, 2017
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Lucia Finochietti, High School graduate of Yew Chung International School of Beijing (YCIS Beijing), is going to the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina to study veterinary medicine.

ycis-bj-hs-graduate-luciaI can honestly say that I had been waiting for the day since day 1 at YCIS Beijing, not because I didn’t like it, but because I wanted to have different experiences than just High School. Now that I have finally reached the end, I have mixed feelings. Friends and classmates that have graduated along with me are going to different parts of the world, making it difficult to see each other frequently. That’s the part that saddens me: not being able to see my friends that often. However, I know that each of us is pursuing their own dream and studying at universities that were hopefully their first choice. For now I want to relax and be with my friends as much as I can before I return to Argentina.

I have been at YCIS Beijing for four years, which includes IGCSE and IBDP. I would describe it as challenging.

Something that I am proud of is performing in front of the entire school for an assembly. My first-ever performance was nerve-racking as I have stage fright, however it was required for me to perform as I had chosen Music in IGCSE. Looking back three or four years later, I am happy that I did it, and proud to have overcome that fear.

In IBDP, I took Business Management, Biology, and Psychology. I liked the Psychology program and I think it’s due to the huge amount of dedication that our teacher, Mr. Abitbol, had. He is by far one of the most patient people I know and I have to thank him for all the help that he’s given us.

I managed to enjoy High School life by joining CCA’s co-curricular activities such as Volleyball, Baking and Cooking Clubs. Here, we were given a chance to interact with students not only from our grade, but also year groups below and above us. Time management is key indeed. Anyone that has been through IBDP or teaches IBDP courses would agree that time management is key to success.

Actually my only experience with international schools has been here at YCIS Beijing the last four years. Yes, I think that being in an international school helps prepare us for the future and helps us see different perspectives. As we have people from many different countries, we frequently learn new things and parts of their culture that otherwise we would not be able to see. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to meet many people from different countries and with different cultures. I think it has made my stay at YCIS Beijing more special.

Advice for fellow students: Take things one at a time, and do them for yourself instead of trying to impress others. If you join a club, do it because you want to learn something new or want to challenge yourself, not because someone tells you to do so. Enjoy the time you have at YCIS Beijing as the next chapters are going to be different and challenging.


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