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Congratulations to Xiwai HS Graduate Xiao Zile

June, 2017
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Xiao Zile, High School graduate of Xiwai International School, will go to the University of Washington to study computer science.

xiwai-hs-graduate-xiao-zileI feel excited, because I just closed my chapter in High School. I am nervous because I am really not sure what kind of life I am going to have in the future, especially as I’ll be going abroad to further my study alone. This is a new kind of challenge for me. And I am also looking forward to my ‘new life’. Currently, I am learning Spanish and working out everyday.

I first came to Xiwai International School when I was in Grade 3, so it’s about nine years here in total. I am quite satisfied with my life at Xiwai. Teachers are friendly and helpful, and they are more like your friends than your teachers. Talking to them, you will not feel stressed or nervous, and I made plenty of friends here. I think one aspect that makes my school outstanding is that Xiwai provides us with both Chinese and Western cultures. My best memory at Xiwai was our recent graduation ceremony, which I hosted!

I took AP in High School. I took Calculus BC, Physics: Mechanics, Physics: Electromagnetics, Statistics and Computer Science. I think the AP program in my school is pretty solid. Teachers are really experienced at it.

High School time can be tough. However, Xiwai International School is quite different from others. We have our own activities, and events organized each month added more joy to our High School life.

I agree that good time management is the key for success because it enables you to work more efficiently and effectively. For example, when I am doing work, I will set a time limit for each task. After each task, I may take a break for several minutes in order to achieve higher work efficiency.

It’s now about four years in international school since I was in the International Department when I was in Grade 9. An international school education definitely prepares students better for the future, especially those who are going abroad to further their studies. It provides you an opportunity to see the world and enables you to get used to foreign culture and education in advance. 

Advice for fellow students: Xiwai is a great platform to achieve your goals in education and life. Grab the chance!


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