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Congratulations to SUIS Wanyuan HS Graduate Momoka Goto

June, 2017
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Momoka Goto, High School graduate of Shanghai United International School, Wanyuan Campus, is going to attend DePauw University. 

suis-wanyuan-hs-graduate-goto-momoka-2I am really happy that I finally had an achievement. I experienced a lot of struggles as well as enjoyable events during High School. It was not easy to make it this far. But I did! I am proud of myself.

During the summer, I will go back to my hometown to meet my friends and prepare for the next journey. Then, I will go to the university to start with the summer program for international students.

I have been studying at SUIS for three years. I would say my experience was extremely challenging. Firstly, I did not like the school because I felt isolated from others when others spoke Chinese around me. I often cried at home. I still remember how my struggles made me miserable during the first year. However, it started changing after I tried to get involved. I joined activities like sports teams (soccer, basketball, and ultimate Frisbee). My teammates were respectful to let me be a part of the group. We had to communicate and cooperate in order to win together. Eventually, I ended up making a lot of friends from sports. Additionally, being a captain for the girls’ soccer team made me much stronger than the beginning. I think my experience was unique because I was absolutely different from other students. But looking back, I realized that everyone is different and therefore every individual student should have experienced distinctly. SUIS is special in the way of being a bilingual school. I think Chinese culture is heavily weighted in our school. It is a little bit weird for non-Chinese, but I think I could learn Chinese while having a Western education.

The best memory of SUIS is winning the semi-final game of the soccer league. The game was at home at our school. The score was 1-1. Then we had extra time to play. Both teams did not score. Then, we had penalty kicks to decide the winner. We were all so nervous since it is the most important time to make it to a final against our rivals. Three shots made by our team! The glorious win! Our coach cried. We were so excited.

I was the captain of the soccer team. We began playing in the first year I came. None of us knew how to play soccer honestly. We had to start off from the real basics. We practiced and spent time together after school. I was so happy to take part in the team while we all grew as a team. This year, we got second place in the league, although we were one of the worst teams in the first year. We made such huge progress through hard work.

I took AP programs in High School. I took many different courses including both advanced classes and regular classes. Some of the examples of advanced courses are AP physics I, AP English language and composition, AP statistics, and AP psychology. In our school, students learn foundations in the first two years and then we can move on to some AP courses in the final two years. Personally, I fairly like the program since I learned new things at college level. It was not too challenging since I had to take the first year courses in the second year as a new student. Nevertheless, I had to spend a lot of time studying and doing homework. It was hard a little bit to keep the balance of studying and other things because we also had to study for SAT and TOEFL outside the school.

High School was absolutely tough, especially the first year. Though, things get better as you get used to your life and environment. I tried to enjoy my life while I worked hard for the academics. Thus, I had fun joining different activities. I played sports after school almost every day. Sports were things that could release my stress, especially when I made scores. Sports also make me communicate with people so that I could have good time with my friends. I joined some other activities such as World Scholars Cup to have more interesting materials to work on. I think my High School life was filled with exciting events because I tried everything I was interested in.

Advice for fellow students: Work hard but enjoy. If you try hard, you won’t regret, even if the results are not the best. 

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