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Congratulations to SUIS Wanyuan HS Graduate Crystal Wang Yidie

June, 2017
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Crystal Wang Yidie, High School graduate of Shanghai United International School, Wanyuan Campus, will go to Boston University and major in communication and media. 

suis-wanyuan-hs-gradaute-crystal-wang-1Being about to begin my undergraduate school study in the US, all I want to say to my High School is “thanks.”

This summer, maybe I will do an internship in media. I did an internship in a magazine company when I was in 10th Grade. It’s the first time that I got so close to print media. What I mostly did in the company is translating the rough drafts of the PPTs for meetings. For translating, I need to capture the meaning of the words and sentences and reinterpret them to the audience. I was really amazed by the power of language as a medium to spread thoughts and values. For me, I also like sharing my own thoughts and emotions with the audience, thus it’s exactly the reason why I choose to major in and take an internship in this field.

I’ve studied at Shanghai United International School for four years. More important than academic studies, SUIS taught me to be myself. I know this sounds so clichéd, but honestly I really feel it. SUIS not only takes in and respects students’ ideas, but also offers plentiful opportunities for practicing. Because of SUIS’s inclusive culture, I tried things that I’ve never had the chance and courage to do in the past.

During the four years at SUIS High School, I’ve been involved in various extracurricular activities. As a member of the cast in several campus musicals, I starred as the female lead in one of the productions. Being the vocalist in the band I founded, we won the campus talent show…  

suis-wanyuan-hs-graduate-crystal-wangThe song that I wrote and sang three years ago brought me an opportunity to compose and sing the interlude for my classmate’s microfilm. Being inspired and encouraged by the event, I started the idea of making an Extended Play, and this idea has been accomplished.

In the composition and words, I share my feelings of living in a modern metropolis alone. In the city, people are so busy that they have no time to take a little glance at things around them. The original curiosity and feeling of freshness gradually fade away, and what remains is just excessive realism. Fast pace and redundant messages, however, cause people to ignore all of them. Probably what they need is to exit from their numbness and preconception of the surrounding. “EXILE” is my voice, and I am eager to share it.

The cover of the EP represents prison, the almost symmetrical font shape of “EXILE” is meant to mimic the iron bars of the jail, and the disk photo is about crowds of people wandering under city lights. Only by pulling open the bars, could liberty be earned.

I always plan to go to America, so in High School I took the American curriculum that offers regular courses and some of the AP courses. Comparing to other subjects, math has always been my weakness, thus the most challenging course I’ve ever had is AP Calculus. Although I wanted to drop it after I had the first class, I persuaded myself to take over my inner fear of math that has existed all the time. I don’t really like the program, but I tried hard, and ended up with a satisfying grade.

People should learn to do things they don’t really enjoy doing. It’s a part of growing up right?

I’d say I had always being busy during my entire High School life, since I took part in a lot of events, and I also joined many clubs. Therefore, indeed, balancing studying and activity time is really tough for me. Under such high-intensity work, I sometimes say to others, “sleep is for the weak.” Haha, just joking, as maintaining enough sleeping hours is fairly crucial. To manage time effectively, learning how to control yourself is the key. Hence, when I’m working, I often put my phone somewhere far away, such as the top of a shelf, to prevent myself idling.

I’ve been studying in an international school for four years. The reason why I chose international school is that I can have the flexibility to pick my own direction. Because I am interested in creative fields, I need more freedom and space to develop my own ideas instead of following the track that others set for me.

Advice for fellow students: Never be numb, and keep the keen insights to the wonderful things happening around you. I know life sucks sometimes, but what’s always more significant than your academic study is enjoying what you have in your life, both bad and good things, because they will all be unforgettable memories in the end.


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